Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching up with index cards

Keeping up! 
I usually hate the way I draw hands but sort of like how this one came out. I tried to blind contour but i always end up looking thru the course of the sketch. ImaCheater:)) LOL!

My brother is in town for the week - Yipee! My son is so excited to see his uncle.
Going to be a fun weekend! I'm not going to be able to get time off tomorrow to go to the city with my son and brother  I'm not going to bitch about it, it is what it is. Gotta stay positive and I know that we've got the whole weekend to see one another! Glass is half full Frannie!
Have a good day today ...THURSDAY:)))) myfavday

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sketch Sunday

Here's my Sunday Sketch.

We were busy this weekend and I got some painting done which I am happy about.
But I didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked
but the most important thing we got done was to get my son set for camp!
I hope he has a terrific summer! 

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ICAD Three (#s 20,21,22)

Playing catch-up this weekend.
Spread out on the back porch today at my mom's house and painted.
Then finished inking up the cards I started but didn't get round to doing earlier in the week: 
Cute little gift we all got with our mother's day presents. Adorable and cheery!

I sort of  THINK this works... CT looked at this and said 'huh?'  LOL

It was a lazy Saturday today.
I am almost embarassed to say I slept till 11am.
I guess I needed the rest, huh?
Camp starts next Monday, already, so we'll have to round up all equipment needed tomorrow and replace what needs to be replaced.
My brother flies in next Wed and stays on our fair island for a week. Lucky fella ;)
We're going to tuck a trip to NYC in there somewhere for sure.
Spring Street here we come!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ICAD #19 - baby its a hot one

I can be OCD about alot of things, like music. I have to play this track everytime I get in my car. I am starting to feel as if Dave Grohl is brainwashing me. I have to get that out of my car. LOL but if not this one then it will be another. If I like something I will play it over and over and over, yikes! Also when I look at artwork I have done in the past I can remember what I was listening to when I was creating it. I bet that happens to alot of people.
Its looking like my white gel pen has seen better days. waaah! I've got to go to Blicks and get another. I swear I go in with good intentions of getting ONE thing and come out with five.

I'm catching up have two more to go. I like these colored index cards. I hope I am not breaking any rules. That hydrangea is still on my table. I hope I can get to it tonight.

The boy is off school these past two days and then goes back once more tomorrow for a half day. God only knows why. I just don't get these half days at all. That has got to be killer for some parents. I am grateful to be able to work from home but what about people that don't? This week he has three half days, Mon/Tues/Fri and last week he had a few....He told me he goes in and watches part of a movie...what's that about?

Okay its gonna be hot here on Long Island today. Record breaking weather.
My Floridian dog is going to love his walk today! 

Take care and keep cool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hugs and Cookies

I wish I had more time this week to be creative!
Work is so nuts but I'm hanging in there.
I just want an hour or two but not happening :)
I have this big hydrangea cutting on my dining room screaming to be drawn or painted but I'm just literally scribbling by for today LOL.
Gee, Chinese fortune cookies are alot harder to sketch than I thought.
Not exactly exciting but I love the fortune inside.
I have two more ICAD I have to catch up on. So more cards to come:)
Good thing this weekend will be a lazy one, I have plans for painting. 
 Its Wednesday everybody, three down and two to go!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ICAD 16 and 17

Today was a good day. Father's Day was a success.
We took a ride out to see my Dad and got together with the whole family.
Pop was in a great mood and seemed to be enjoying himself.
ICAD #16
 I misplaced the last bit of white cards I had so I resorted to
 using these color versions.
The ICAD #16 was made with a black Sharpie pen.
Then I went over that with a white gel pen and later added
 touches with a very thin Micron pen.
ICAD #17
 I used a green card for 17 and just used my Microns. I have to say I like working on white though!
I was going to add color but decided against it.
 I hope everyone had a good weekend and I'm off to bed.
 My eyes keep closing and have to keep retyping to correct myself LOL
Take care and good night!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two more - Charming Dolls - ICAD #14 &15


I loved drawing the nesting dolls. I have six sets now and love each one.
Two of them I painted myself. That was enjoyable and should do it again one of these days. Very relaxing:)

 I hope everyone enjoys this lovely weekend and Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ICAD #13 - Namaste

My late night ICAD is here:) Tired tonight, not much to say.
Not that I usually have anything profound to say anyway, LOL
Tomorrow is Thursday - yay!
Good night all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Everyone must breathe

-Regina Spektor-
oh so much for acrylics again , another night with my microns. LOL!
Tomorrow is Wednesday, the toughest one of all.

Good night!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Be You

ICAD #11
I got back from my meeting tonight so late.
While driving home I realize how silly I am with my pronouncements sometimes:)
Fresh off of announcing I'll be doing acrylics this week, here I am with a stamped index card.
Too much to do today and no time for opening paints and spreading out. Ce la vie.

There were a few comments about my Sunday Sketch.
 I got that Brush Tub at Blicks for about $7 or $8. 
I think they carry it at Pearl as well.
 I don't remember seeing it at Michaels but that doesn't mean it isn't there.

Well Monday is over, just Tues and Wed to get on with. Then I can deal till Monday.

Good night:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sketch and ICAD #9 and 10!

This Sunday I am participting again in Sunday Sketches.

I'm still plugging away at ICAD
I tried getting out the acrylics. I got a nice set a while back but kept putting off using them and now I am! its been a bit tough-going but I've just got to keep at them and quit belly-aching!
ICAD #10- "F" for me {Frances}
ICAD #9 - Morning Glory (Ipomaea)

Enjoy the rest of this fine Sunday! I hope you have a great week!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last of the Red/Green/Black... for now

After day 8, I'm going to try out something different! Who knows...but I'm going to experiment tonight.

I chose a Rumi quote for this and I enjoy this one very much. We all have to take a little chance every once and a while. That way we're sure to grow, stretch our minds and create new experiences.  You may find its hard to step out of our boxes but its really worth it!

Enjoy your Saturday night!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm continuing with this
green/red/black theme.
 I don't know if it will go beyond this week.
This is a list of what I find profounding inspiring ,
but only for today.

The interesting fact is that I could
have had a completely
different list yesterday or
even tomorrow.
But I think I will get back to sketching
 for day 8.

 This one flora drawing is a lot like ICAD 2, I used the same
green micron but the ICAD 2 was photographed
and this one below was scanned.
Big color difference!
Here's a card I made for a bloggy pal.
These flora sketches are so much fun to do.
I'll have to keep doing them until I get them out of my system.
Tomorrow is Friday! Yeah, yeah, yeah;)

Take care of yourself-
somebody, somewhere, needs you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All caught up (for now) - ICAD #4,5 and 6 >>>And an IF!

For IF 'Hurry'! Used this for ICAD4 too. Double duty.
I have this wood guy on my desk and he has traveled with me. I had him positioned like this to remind myself to start walk/jog routine so I can build up to running (its been mostly unsuccessful LOL) So when I read ' Hurry ' was the word I sat and racked my brain a bit then looked over and there was my 'Hurry" :)
I was inspired by Pauline, she has been creating pieces for Illustration Friday.
Her paintings and sketches are so refreshing!
One of the prompts was to use a dictionary definition of a word
I wish I were a better gardener, because I love all the trappings of it. There are all sorts of accessories, etc. for that hobby. I have some orchids, which I hope to draw for ICAD as well.
Currently they reside in our bathroom since they love that humidity so much! Let's see how long it takes me to kill the beauties.
I like this expression...
Tomorrow is Thursday, my favorite day of the week.
Its the day of the week where you start to come alive with the promise of weekend:)
A happyThursday to you all and to all a good night!

ICAD #2 and #3

Yesterday I went to church with my godson. for confirmation rehearsal. It's so nice to see him with his school mates and to see how mature he's become. He is such a great kid! During the practice I sat next to this man who sang so beautifully I had to ask him if he were a professional. The guy actually made me jump a bit when he started to sing as I was so taken aback by his abilities. He made me to want to sing better! Isn't that always the way with people with talent?  I find it inspiring and a gentle push for me to be a little better.
ICAD #2 Flickr helped me cheat with the hellos:)
 For ICAD, card 2,  I started off by copying an old sharpie sketch then took off with more doodling.
The ICAD #3 was inspired by our commute into Queens yesterday. Good Lord, I forgot that going on Northern Blvd. at 5pm is just not the right thing to do.
So stuck in traffic, my son and I sang our heads off to the Foo Fighters.
Happy Wednesday folks, two more days to go after this. Rock on.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June/July Challenge-ICAD#1

Yep a summer challenge! The last one was too big of a bite for me when May turned crazy. I THINK I will be able to handle index cards. I will try! That's all we can do, right? :))
Tammy at Daisy Yellow instructs us to "Just Start", you do not need to catch up. OK, well then, I am ready to go! :))  She offers so wonderful prompts as well!
I doodled this is my work agenda a long time ago. I have bunch of doodles so hope I can realize some of them through this ICAD challenge.

Good night!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sketch and then some

I am happy to know that there is a spot in this blogworld for Sunday Sketches:)
I discovered this while checking in on a wonderful blog by Tracy !
This is something I can manage, LOL...let's hope. I struggled with the last challenge
 (ummm, that's why they call it a challenge, Frannie...)

My Sunday Sketch
  I also have a few others that I did this weekend during my travels to the house up north as well as out east to the parents.
 BUT before I do that I have to share my mom's sketches as well. She is such a good artist and probably the main reason why I am an artist. 

These were tacked on her bulletin board...Isn't she great?:

Recipe cards she drew the fruit with her markers

Sorry Mom, this one came out blurry:)
 Mom is so creative and has set up a wonderful working area in a spare room (my old bedroom!) in the house. She paints, sketches, does origami, name it.  She can whip anything up!

I used my favorite makers - microns- for this doodle...
Its a wonderful Buddha quote! Everyone does deserve it!

silly face

Another Pennsylvania Dutch folk art inspired sketch
Now I have to get back to an important questionnaire that I have been struggling with then to bed!
Have a great week this week and be good to yourself.