Saturday, June 23, 2012

ICAD Three (#s 20,21,22)

Playing catch-up this weekend.
Spread out on the back porch today at my mom's house and painted.
Then finished inking up the cards I started but didn't get round to doing earlier in the week: 
Cute little gift we all got with our mother's day presents. Adorable and cheery!

I sort of  THINK this works... CT looked at this and said 'huh?'  LOL

It was a lazy Saturday today.
I am almost embarassed to say I slept till 11am.
I guess I needed the rest, huh?
Camp starts next Monday, already, so we'll have to round up all equipment needed tomorrow and replace what needs to be replaced.
My brother flies in next Wed and stays on our fair island for a week. Lucky fella ;)
We're going to tuck a trip to NYC in there somewhere for sure.
Spring Street here we come!

Enjoy your day!
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pauline said...

hi Fran! oh, i so enjoy coming here to catch up... i look so forward to weekends so i can actually take my coffee and spend oodles of time visiting blogs like yours! Your work is fabulous...your doodles are incredible! And that sketch you did of those wooden dolls and the charm bracelet. omg girl... AWESOME!! i always enjoy catching up on your blog. One of my favorites.. xoxo

Frances Traina said...

thank you my dear:))

Rita said...

Ah! Sleeping in is therapeutic!
Lovely sketches and I get a kick out of the colored index cards. Great purple flowers. Enjoy your Sunday. :)

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Great to catch up and love love love the petunia... hope you get time to paint and draw while you are camping, and yes you must have needed the sleep... I would kill for an 11 am sleep in!!!!

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I just love the petunia one. It sounds like I'm sitting right there as I read all the prompts on your card. All the things I love... chimes, iced tea, sketching, and FLOWERS! All great cards, super job!