Saturday, February 28, 2015


Smile! Just know this weather is not here to stay ... Yay! I'm so ready for spring! I've been drawing a lot lately and got a new Fabriano sketchbook with multiple colored pages.

I only wish they made a bigger size... Actually they might as I haven't looked into that yet...

Keep warm friends, and if you are already in warm weather, enjoy! FranT

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The struggle!

Oh my, I'm struggling lately with my paintings. Making abstracts is where I tend to go to. I feel like anything I paint realistically doesn't speak to me. I also get too stressed trying to make whatever it is I'm painting to be perfect. Maybe I'm not the only one? At this stage if the game I shouldn't be worried about perfection. Haha! I have to keep reminding myself that! Here are some more:

Have a happy Sunday! FranT/WeThree3

Monday, February 9, 2015

A little more spring

My goodness, this snow is never ending! My son is loving all the days off, glad someone is happy;) I keep seeing daffodils and tulips in the stores so they keep me going, that's for sure. I feel stuck lately but I'm always up for drawing/painting a flower. I bought a little pot of daffodils and they are prime right now, however they'll be gone soon so I have to scope out my next victim,lol. I drew this last night and painted around the marker with gouache. 
Zoomed out a little.
This has nothing to do with anything. I just saw ln Pinterest and thought it was cool!
Have a good night and be well, Fran T/WeThree3

Friday, February 6, 2015


I try to remember to paint every few days or so because I'm a lettering nut. I would do that all day, every day. I think I was a scribe in my past life! I love quotes and with that illustrating them is my favorite thing to do! So painting breaks it up for me. Today I finished this quote, below.  
I enjoy the sailing/nautical theme a lot. My husband and I have had sailboats in our past. It's a great theme I like to incorporate from time to time and a mermaid every so often too:))

Sail on! Enjoy your day and be well! Thanks for visiting, Fran