Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting Lost on a Winter's Day

This past weekend I created the journal page [below]
in response to a prompt by Artsyville. 
The prompt was to "Choose a language you know
nothing about. Look up the numbers
from 1-10. Find the words for
Listen to a song. Observe how the letters
or characters flow. Wrap yourself in the unfamiliarity."
The idea for the blue design came from a post card that
I saw online which had a photograph of Slovak embroidery.
I tried to match it closely but then saw a cover
for a book dedicated to fireplace tile design (!)
and switched to copying that! Of course, I had to
look further into the folk art and there
were some fabulous books on art, crafts and
native costumes. The craftmanship is astounding!
The hearts were so much fun to do.
Drawing them is just getting me into
practice for Valentine's Day,
which will be here before we know it.
Why does it feel like time is absolutely flying by?
I've also got myself an new amaryllis after
I accidently killed the other one!
I left it in the direct sun light and it just killed the
poor thing. What a brown thumb I have. Anyway,
this new one is doing well in the corner of the
room and so I've been studying, drawing
and painting the lovely thing.
Have you got
any bulbs growing now?

Hope things are going well for everyone.
Take care and be well!

P.S. Remember to visit Artsyville to get those
"GET LOST" prompts:)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still January

Lets try blogging by iPhone shall we? Wheeeee! I just spent a good amount of time scanning and find Blogger won't let me upload photos! So here are images from my phone I'll post. I am sorry that they are such lousy quality ;)

UPDATE: Thank you Mary for showing me the way - the HTML way to get my photos on my post!

I love love love chapter 9 in the Tao Te Ching. I have a copy of it on my wall. Here it is below with some of my favorite bowls.

 I rarely bake cupcakes, this just came out of my head after I spied those pastel-colored paper cupcake sleeves in the back of the cabinet. I thought, hmmm, maybe I should get some cake mix and bake some cupcakes. Hmmm, maybe not. Drawing them is a better idea.

This one started off as ran dom sections of color but after working on it I see it as a landscape:) I'm calling it the River's Wall. 

Some doodling on a blank card while on a loooong phone call with my baby sister:
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First week of January

It's an interesting week. I had off Monday and Tuesday and now back to work. I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend alot of time creating the past few days while I was off. I'd like to share what I'm up to here!
I love visiting a blog called Lucile's Kitchen . The other day I read a post related to pastry and bread. I just love how Lucille paints and I was inspired to paint some bread that my husband bought at a local deli. I just painted what was left of the loaf tonight:

From my art journal, 1-2-13. Some packaging labels and taking note of some awesome delicacies.
A fantastic Rumi quote/poem. I had so much fun creating this patchwork of paper, using the scraps from project below.

Here is a small photo collage of work that I did for a friend. She hasn't seen it yet however she doesn't follow my blog. She asks me every so often to make up custom business cards from old paintings that I would just get rid of or paint over. I didn't have to many this time so I made a few extra pages with just watercolor and random stamping. But overall it is fun to do, I don't have to do it too often and she gives me all the time I need to make them.
I hope a good week is had by all. Enjoy the year and all it holds for you. Thanks for stopping by and, always drop me a line I always love to get a hello!
Please go to Mary's blog and check out this easy going Link Up:

Take care and be well. Happy New Year!!!