Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two more - Charming Dolls - ICAD #14 &15


I loved drawing the nesting dolls. I have six sets now and love each one.
Two of them I painted myself. That was enjoyable and should do it again one of these days. Very relaxing:)

 I hope everyone enjoys this lovely weekend and Father's Day!

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Rita said...

I didn't know you could paint those nesting dolls yourself--but, of course, I suppose all kinds of people do it. Just never thought about it before. Cool!

Love both your sketches. Happy Father's Day!

Serena Lewis said...

Wonderful drawings, Fran! LOVE that charm bracelet. I used to have a set of Native American themed nesting dolls. Have never bought a set to paint but was tempted to a few times.

Have a great weekend!

We celebrate Father's Day in September here in Australia. :)

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I still have my set of nesting dolls waiting to be painted. Can't decide if I want to paint them to reflect the layers of myself that I actually am or the layers that I'd like to be.... LOVE your sketches as always xx

Lynn said...

I love the's Yiddish right?
Beautifully drawn all.
Happy weekend.

Jenny said...

Just gorgeous Fran... yo draw so beautifully...

Jenny x

Frances Traina said...

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments:)

I put a link on the post to a site that sells blank dolls.

Tschochka is Russian, I'm pretty sure.

April Cole said...

Oh my..."FANTASTIC" work, Fran!! :]
Simply love your illustrations... BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, work!! ((hugs))
I am a big fan of yours, can you tell. :]
Keep arting, dear friend.

Teddi said...

your art astounds me!