Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last of the Red/Green/Black... for now

After day 8, I'm going to try out something different! Who knows...but I'm going to experiment tonight.

I chose a Rumi quote for this and I enjoy this one very much. We all have to take a little chance every once and a while. That way we're sure to grow, stretch our minds and create new experiences.  You may find its hard to step out of our boxes but its really worth it!

Enjoy your Saturday night!

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Rita said...

Funny how I can leap out of some boxes and have to kick my way out of others--LOL! Love the Rumi quote!! :):)

Carolyn Dube said...

I love the boldness of your designs, it fits so perfectly with the quote!

Creatively yours Fi said...

Very cool quote & design! Loveit!! I tried to pin it to my pinterest but wouldn't work x

April Cole said...

Hip, hip... hooray!!
All is look'in good, keep up the wonderful doodling. :]
Your designs are so "fresh" and pleasing to the eye.

Jenny said...

Fabulous Fran... and love that quote... and your words... how true... we all need to step out of our safety zones every now and then...

Jenny x

Lynn Richards said...

Just when I think I'll try the Sunday Sketch group, I see this!!! Wow. It looks like a lot of fun....LOVE your sketches.

Pat said...

Love this! Your lettering never ceases to amaze me.