Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sketch and then some

I am happy to know that there is a spot in this blogworld for Sunday Sketches:)
I discovered this while checking in on a wonderful blog by Tracy !
This is something I can manage, LOL...let's hope. I struggled with the last challenge
 (ummm, that's why they call it a challenge, Frannie...)

My Sunday Sketch
  I also have a few others that I did this weekend during my travels to the house up north as well as out east to the parents.
 BUT before I do that I have to share my mom's sketches as well. She is such a good artist and probably the main reason why I am an artist. 

These were tacked on her bulletin board...Isn't she great?:

Recipe cards she drew the fruit with her markers

Sorry Mom, this one came out blurry:)
 Mom is so creative and has set up a wonderful working area in a spare room (my old bedroom!) in the house. She paints, sketches, does origami, name it.  She can whip anything up!

I used my favorite makers - microns- for this doodle...
Its a wonderful Buddha quote! Everyone does deserve it!

silly face

Another Pennsylvania Dutch folk art inspired sketch
Now I have to get back to an important questionnaire that I have been struggling with then to bed!
Have a great week this week and be good to yourself.
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Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Yahoo you are Sunday Sketching... looks great and how cool is your Mum's work as well... I can see where you get your talent from... love love love the rose at the beginning of your post... awesome line work..xx

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Well done illustrations ~ by both you and your Mom ~ thanks for sharing ~ ^_^

Heather said...

LOVE your Rose - your work is happy and your blog is a delight!
looking forward to following you!

Lynn said...

I really enjoy your first rose sketch I like your style!

Your mom's work is fun too, colorful.

and all your others you added are lovely to look at and humorous too mixed in.

Happy Sunday Sketching!

Rita said...

You can see where the talent came from. Your mom is so creative.
Love your rose sketch. The fallen petal adds so much. :)

Alexandra said...

WELCOME!! So glad you've joined us. Your sketches are absolutely amazing! What wonderful talent. Thank you so much for sharing with us. :)

Janet said...

You and your mother are both wonderful artists. Your rose is beautiful!!

Nora MacPhail said...

Wow, very talented family! Happy Painting.

Lynn Richards said...

I will have to check out the Sunday Sketching-it will stretch my abilities, that's for sure!!!! Love seeing all of your Mom's work. You are blessed like she is!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Oh Fran, your sketches are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing your Mom's as well. Obviously talent runs in the family. xxxx

April Cole said...

Oh my goodness... WOW!!
You have been busy!! Love them all! :]
Fantastic artwork, always a pleasure to visit here.