Thursday, June 21, 2012

ICAD #19 - baby its a hot one

I can be OCD about alot of things, like music. I have to play this track everytime I get in my car. I am starting to feel as if Dave Grohl is brainwashing me. I have to get that out of my car. LOL but if not this one then it will be another. If I like something I will play it over and over and over, yikes! Also when I look at artwork I have done in the past I can remember what I was listening to when I was creating it. I bet that happens to alot of people.
Its looking like my white gel pen has seen better days. waaah! I've got to go to Blicks and get another. I swear I go in with good intentions of getting ONE thing and come out with five.

I'm catching up have two more to go. I like these colored index cards. I hope I am not breaking any rules. That hydrangea is still on my table. I hope I can get to it tonight.

The boy is off school these past two days and then goes back once more tomorrow for a half day. God only knows why. I just don't get these half days at all. That has got to be killer for some parents. I am grateful to be able to work from home but what about people that don't? This week he has three half days, Mon/Tues/Fri and last week he had a few....He told me he goes in and watches part of a movie...what's that about?

Okay its gonna be hot here on Long Island today. Record breaking weather.
My Floridian dog is going to love his walk today! 

Take care and keep cool.
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Rita said...

I haven't been listening to music for quite a long time. (Realized that I used to listen to most of it in the car.) But I used to love to play favorite songs over and over again, too. My mom used to put her favorites on repeat on the stereo--maybe I got it from her--LOL!
What kind of white pen is that favorite one? I like the Uniball Signo white the best.
How can you ever leave an art supply store with just one thing. I think it's impossible. ;)

Zoe Ford said...

I love this because it's one of my favourite songs too! So full of energy! I love what you've done for your ICAD here :)

Kristin Dudish said...

I totally get it - I am OCD about music too :)

(I love your Regina Spektor card a few posts down too, by the way.)

It is so much fun to look through all of your gorgeous cards :)


Andria said...

I like your use of colored index cards...I haven't seen that anywhere else yet. And I really love all the little doodles around the song lyrics...great look!

April Cole said...

Fun, fantastic... creative; all wrapped up in one ICAD. Great work.! :]
I am really enjoying this background "blue", such a beautiful color.

Natasha said...

I am jealous you have a Dick Blicks to visit in person and yet grateful I don't!! :)

My children have been off school this week, and now I have job interviews impending, I do wonder what will happen when I am working...a whole new territory since I have worked from home since before my daughter was born.