Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hugs and Cookies

I wish I had more time this week to be creative!
Work is so nuts but I'm hanging in there.
I just want an hour or two but not happening :)
I have this big hydrangea cutting on my dining room screaming to be drawn or painted but I'm just literally scribbling by for today LOL.
Gee, Chinese fortune cookies are alot harder to sketch than I thought.
Not exactly exciting but I love the fortune inside.
I have two more ICAD I have to catch up on. So more cards to come:)
Good thing this weekend will be a lazy one, I have plans for painting. 
 Its Wednesday everybody, three down and two to go!
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Lynn said...

For me it's three down one to go. I don't work on Fridays anymore!
I like your fortune cookies and the rainbow background. they are symbols of hope for good things to come!

Rita said...

Love the fortune and the drawing if the perfect compliment. I hope you get time to play this weekend. One needs time to be creative and make things with one's hands, I think. Enjoy your weekend. It will be here before you know it. ;)

Frances Traina said...

thanks for the comments on my card:)) I am so looking forward to this weekend Rita! BTW my white gel pen is made by Sakura- its medium point Gelly Roll

Frances Traina said...

You are fortunate for getting those Fridays off. Nice three day weekends I bet:)

April Cole said...

"YUMMY"... you captured these wonderfully! :]
The rainbow colored background, such a great design element to add.