Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Sketch 9/30/12

What a nice day it was today!
The weather was perfect, as only it can be in early fall.
There was a crisp day with a bright blue sky.
I went to an awesome thrift store with a friend and
got some amazing 'junk'. Then came home and made a delicious dinner.
I rushed to sketch this out while dinner was cooking for about an hour
and then took my time coloring it in after cleaning up.
Frankly, I did not notice how wonky I sketched the jam and PB jars until I posted!
Nevermind, I guess that gives it character.
I hope everyone has a great week and please don't forget to
 check out some other Sunday Sketches.
I love looking at the links and try to check out as many as I can!
Take care,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Got the time?

While I was creating this journal entry I was listening to a
movie my son and husband were watching.
I know that every time I look at this page for the next week or so,
at least, I'll be thinking of 'Poltergeist'.
It's funny how our minds work while we're creating.
I know for sure drawing and painting are almost a meditation for me,
that is of course if there isn't a movie on in the next room!

When I work its usually in silence and I like that the best...
but I do play some music once in a while.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sketch 9/23/12

This weeks Sunday sketch is the last of my rose pickings in the neighborhood.

There are barely any roses about anymore...
 aside from me picking them! 
The Montauk daisies aren't blooming yet, but
I can't wait till they pop out:)
I'm going to have to start looking out for some marigolds
or mums to paint in the mean time.
 I journalled about a wonderful mediation group I went to this morning with a friend.
It was such a pleasure and felt like I got to clear my mind and shake out the cobwebs.
Plus it was just an amazingly beautiful day, the sky was the brightest blue!
Go check out the other Sunday sketches by visiting this link!

 I got some artwork in this past week,
I was able to complete this mermaid illustration for a swap.
Thankfully I was able to scan that and have a good copy to keep. I have been having such trouble with my scanner:( I like how the way she holds her conch shell turned out to look like she is on a cellphone.
I remembered this time to take photos at different stages.  I liked how the flowers from the sketch book overlapped so I thought I would do the same with a patch of seaweed and bubbles.
Then I traced the image onto the watercolor paper by covering the
back of the sketch with graphite and then tracing over the front.
I know... I'm so hi tech ;)

I am happy with the quote and was lucky to find a good one.
There aren't that many out there related to mermaids...
Have a terrific week!
Take care:)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back-to- School Night

My son's school had back-to-school night and what a long night it was!
 We got home at 9:30PM, those poor teachers must be so tired today!
My son, Joe's artwork on the wall:
Joe had me make one as well.
The first line: What you are or want to become
Second line: two adjective describing yourself
Third line: three 'ing' words that describe you
Fourth line: a four word sentence
Fifth line: your name
My son had a poster assignment that turned out so well!
I try so hard to keep my hands off his projects like this because,
 oh boy, I can really take over. I loved this type of stuff as a kid!
The only help I gave was suggesting the circles of different yellows,
other than that he did it all! I'm so proud of him:)
 I have been trying to squeeze some painting here and there
this week.
I have swap art that I have to finish tonight
because it has to be postmarked for tomorrow.

Some watercolors that I'm fiddling with in my sketchbook
left page, close up
 Detail of an abstract painting.
These are the parts of it I like. 
Hope everyone is having a good week. It's Thursday, we're almost there!
Take care,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Watercolor Journaling

gouache and micron

I just started a new watercolor journal after painting
on these loose bits of paper recently. 
Last winter I found large sheets of w/c paper that I had
and I trimmed them all out and have been working away on them.
The jounral I've just started is a custom made sketch book
 that is wonderful and has some great paper:)
 I am going to  have to learn to start making and
binding my own sketchbooks, haha! I wish.
I joke, but actually I really ought to try that.
I'll get started on a YouTube search soon!
Have a Happy Tuesday:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sketch 9/16/12

I can't believe we're at Sunday again. These weekends fly right by!
I am still working on my 'pickings' from the neighborhood.
This Sunday Sketch is a similar in style to Friday's post.
The next one I plan to work on is waiting in the water glass on the kitchen window sill.
Quiet and easy-going weekend, thank goodness. Nothing exciting, perfection.
Tomorrow and Wednesday the boy is off,
LI public schools are closed for Rosh Hashanah.
 And next week they are off again for Yom Kimpur.
So many days off, he should be glad we didn't enroll him in Catholic school!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Finally

some bits of foliage left over from summer...fall is soon coming
I walked the dog tonight and was
picking at all my neighbors' plantings along the road and sidewalk.
My anniversary/September bouquet kicked the bucket so
I need something new to study.
I noticed the house at the corner has these terrific flowers but
the pots are on either side of the front door,
and I wouldn't dare, truly.
Earlier this morning I noticed down the block these amazing
morning glories but
1. I just couldn't pick it as it was true perfection and
 2. its broad daylight
I console myself by saying that I'll probably never 
capture that blue/purple anyway.
I found my stash of index cards from ICAD challenge from a while back.

 I have been following DPP at Daisy Yellow and
thought I saw 'circles' as a prompt..when
 I went back to link up my art to her blog, I couldn't
 find it as a prompt at all.. I'll just chalk that one up to a 40s-moment.
I found another stash of small pieces of watercolor paper I cut last winter.
 I didn't realize what a squirrel I am.

I'm glad this week is over. So many big unexpected things happened,
forcing the cash to fly out of my wallet. 
 I'm going look on the bright side and just say they were all improvements...
to the car, the kid's glasses...etc.
Half full, half full.
Have a totally FULL weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DDP 42 Haiku

I have all these index cards from ICAD a few months back.
I'm working on DPP/Daily Paper Prompts now in between the raindrops.
The last time I wrote a haiku I was in grade school.
You ought to try it- its easy and fun.
This one is 5-7-5 pattern.
First line five syllables, second line seven ,third five syllables again.
When I was in 6th or 7th grade my cousin and I would spend a week
or two at my grandparents upstate and she brought with her this album called Day at the Races
and that began my youthful obsession with Queen.
 I lost the obsession before my twenties but it's found its way back to me.
It is old and brand new again to me.
The best thing is that it makes me feel down to my cells like I'm thirteen and
that is the most awesome feeling.
Thank you gentlemen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Completely Caffinated

What can I say? love this stuff.
I'm not even a snob, I like good coffee but I'll drink anything.
My favorite is a red eye-regular coffee with a shot of espresso.
But I try not to do that too often as I can become a little unbearable and jumpy. 
I mostly drink that if I'm super tired.
Look, I'm posting my sketch  as well!
I sketched this out of copy paper then transferred it to my watercolor book,
which is something I hardly ever do.
I usually just wing it, which brings me mild success.
I know I'd be better off if I planned well
but my brain doesn't work that way. Maybe I need more coffee ;)
Have a good day!
.: never forget :.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Sketches for 9/9/12

I worked on this post more than once, my scanner was messing up and I was afraid to miss the cut off time for Sunday sketches
 I got it working and here is the post as I intended:
I am thoroughly enjoying the bouquet I received.
I'm getting so much enjoyment out of it!
Sketch in micron 9/9/12
color study - micron and watercolor 9/8/12

Please visit and take a look at some great Sunday Sketches!
Enjoy your week!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Song

Not That Long Ago - watercolor painting completed this week
School started this week, my boy is now in 7th grade.
Time sure flies! I'm always reminded of that this time of year.
Yesterday was our 21st anniversary and received a
gorgeous  bouquet of flowers
from my guy:)
I had a fun time looking through 
our wedding album with my son.
We did alot of laughing,
some of the photos seem funny now:)
Some things feel like they occured so long ago
and others feel like yesterday.
And then there are times when
I can't even remember yesterday, LOL!
Enjoy your weekend,
I'm planning on painting/drawing
that fabulous bouquet.
 Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Ol' Smith Point Beach


Last Friday, I went with my sister and the kids to the beach. We met up with some of Jen's friends who had their camper at the park there. What a great day!
I tried to paint early in the day, however it was so windy. It was a struggle with the sand blowing in my paints.
And that was not making me happy, lol! I tried a few, this was my most successful
looking East, sunbathers and a small sleepy girl

 It was hot, 90 degrees, but so windy we got goosebumps later in the afternoon! The waves were not too big...small enough for moms not to worry but big enough for the 'big' 12 year old to body surf a bit and throw a ball around in:)
looking West

My earliest memories are of playing in the sand... right at the water's edge at this very beach. I love the sand there! When I got older my friends and I would hop on the bus for 50 cents and it would take us to good old Smith Point. It was such a long ride. In the car its about 20 minutes, but by bus it felt like it took forever. But for two quarters it was the best deal going for a 14 year-old! [The other direction took us to the mall....winter recreation.]

South, our Atlantic Ocean

the fencing along the raised pathway really took a beating this summer from the rain storms!
love this view of the water, took this from off the raise pathway...The south shore is gorgeous!
 I live on the north of the island so most of my water shots are typically of the LI Sound:
My son had sail camp this summer in the harbor on the Sound, so I was lucky enough to get my water fix every day for a few weeks:) The last week was exceptionally beautiful out and on those kinds of days any photo you take is fabulous!
.::facing northwest, Mosquito Cove::.
 .::Looking over at Sea Cliff Beach::.
.::great colors::.
.::a wide open sky::.
 I hope you liked my point of view and photos! Goodbye summer, until next year:)
Happy Wednesday,