Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DDP 42 Haiku

I have all these index cards from ICAD a few months back.
I'm working on DPP/Daily Paper Prompts now in between the raindrops.
The last time I wrote a haiku I was in grade school.
You ought to try it- its easy and fun.
This one is 5-7-5 pattern.
First line five syllables, second line seven ,third five syllables again.
When I was in 6th or 7th grade my cousin and I would spend a week
or two at my grandparents upstate and she brought with her this album called Day at the Races
and that began my youthful obsession with Queen.
 I lost the obsession before my twenties but it's found its way back to me.
It is old and brand new again to me.
The best thing is that it makes me feel down to my cells like I'm thirteen and
that is the most awesome feeling.
Thank you gentlemen.
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pauline said...

You are SO friggin' talented my friend, it's not even funny. I love everything you do, but you have an incredible ability with line drawings. So good to come visit here again. Take care girl, and have yourself a great weekend! xox

Rita said...

Love this! And it's so true. When you hear the music from when you were young it just brings you back there and is such fun. Great job on the headphones and love the writing on your background. :)

April Cole said...

Lovely work, Fran...
your illustrations are very detailed.
You have a great talent in working-out the elements of design. ~xx

Yes, I agree... music from the past, always brings me back to when I was young & having fun. :]