Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Ol' Smith Point Beach


Last Friday, I went with my sister and the kids to the beach. We met up with some of Jen's friends who had their camper at the park there. What a great day!
I tried to paint early in the day, however it was so windy. It was a struggle with the sand blowing in my paints.
And that was not making me happy, lol! I tried a few, this was my most successful
looking East, sunbathers and a small sleepy girl

 It was hot, 90 degrees, but so windy we got goosebumps later in the afternoon! The waves were not too big...small enough for moms not to worry but big enough for the 'big' 12 year old to body surf a bit and throw a ball around in:)
looking West

My earliest memories are of playing in the sand... right at the water's edge at this very beach. I love the sand there! When I got older my friends and I would hop on the bus for 50 cents and it would take us to good old Smith Point. It was such a long ride. In the car its about 20 minutes, but by bus it felt like it took forever. But for two quarters it was the best deal going for a 14 year-old! [The other direction took us to the mall....winter recreation.]

South, our Atlantic Ocean

the fencing along the raised pathway really took a beating this summer from the rain storms!
love this view of the water, took this from off the raise pathway...The south shore is gorgeous!
 I live on the north of the island so most of my water shots are typically of the LI Sound:
My son had sail camp this summer in the harbor on the Sound, so I was lucky enough to get my water fix every day for a few weeks:) The last week was exceptionally beautiful out and on those kinds of days any photo you take is fabulous!
.::facing northwest, Mosquito Cove::.
 .::Looking over at Sea Cliff Beach::.
.::great colors::.
.::a wide open sky::.
 I hope you liked my point of view and photos! Goodbye summer, until next year:)
Happy Wednesday,
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Parisbreakfasts said...

Woderful nostalgic visit to the beaches of childhood...
merci carolg

Frances Traina said...

Hi PB, thanks for stopping by and comment...Hope all is well:)