Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Song

Not That Long Ago - watercolor painting completed this week
School started this week, my boy is now in 7th grade.
Time sure flies! I'm always reminded of that this time of year.
Yesterday was our 21st anniversary and received a
gorgeous  bouquet of flowers
from my guy:)
I had a fun time looking through 
our wedding album with my son.
We did alot of laughing,
some of the photos seem funny now:)
Some things feel like they occured so long ago
and others feel like yesterday.
And then there are times when
I can't even remember yesterday, LOL!
Enjoy your weekend,
I'm planning on painting/drawing
that fabulous bouquet.
 Happy Saturday!
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Cheryl Hulseapple said...

I really like this. I've been contemplating doing some abstract watercolor painting, but haven't actually sat down and done it yet. Beautiful, inspiring example. Did you use masking fluid?

Carolyn Dube said...

Love this! All the different shapes, lines, and soft colors draw my eyes all around!

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary! I like the painting...the colors are so beautiful and soft.

Rita said...

Wonderful watercolor. I love the colors.

Happy anniversary. Time feels like that to me a lot of the time, too. :)

Kristin Dudish said...

Happy Anniversary - I'm looking forward to seeing your bouquet :)


Frances Traina said...

Hi Cheryl, no I don't use masking fluid. I like to think that I am a purist but its more that I'm just lazy, LOL

Frances Traina said...

Thanks Carolyn! I'm glad you like it:) I love the work you had posted today on your blog 9/8/12!

Frances Traina said...

Thank you Janet! Hope you had a good summer:)

Frances Traina said...

Thanks very much Rita, I am glad i am not the only one!! ;)

Frances Traina said...

Hi Kristin, I am trying! I keep starting and get sidetracked! There is still tomorrow, Sunday. Wish me luck:)

Serena Lewis said...

I absolutely love this latest painting, Fran!!! All my favourite colours...loaded with creativity and lots of interest. Lovely job!

Belated Anniversary wishes to you and your hubby. Happy memories are THE best!

Enjoy the weekend ~ xo

painted fish studio said...

fran, i LOVE the painting! happy anniversary!

aimee said...

this is aMAAAAzing!