Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Finally

some bits of foliage left over from summer...fall is soon coming
I walked the dog tonight and was
picking at all my neighbors' plantings along the road and sidewalk.
My anniversary/September bouquet kicked the bucket so
I need something new to study.
I noticed the house at the corner has these terrific flowers but
the pots are on either side of the front door,
and I wouldn't dare, truly.
Earlier this morning I noticed down the block these amazing
morning glories but
1. I just couldn't pick it as it was true perfection and
 2. its broad daylight
I console myself by saying that I'll probably never 
capture that blue/purple anyway.
I found my stash of index cards from ICAD challenge from a while back.

 I have been following DPP at Daisy Yellow and
thought I saw 'circles' as a prompt..when
 I went back to link up my art to her blog, I couldn't
 find it as a prompt at all.. I'll just chalk that one up to a 40s-moment.
I found another stash of small pieces of watercolor paper I cut last winter.
 I didn't realize what a squirrel I am.

I'm glad this week is over. So many big unexpected things happened,
forcing the cash to fly out of my wallet. 
 I'm going look on the bright side and just say they were all improvements...
to the car, the kid's glasses...etc.
Half full, half full.
Have a totally FULL weekend!
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Rita said...

It was a week full of unexpected glitches here, too. Love that first sketch. Enjoy your weekend. :)

Frances Traina said...

Thank you Rita! I will:)))) I hope you will too. I like that you call them 'glitches' nice way to look at it! half full!

lori vliegen said...

i hope you're having a wonderful weekend FULL of reasons to take some time out and treat yourself to a yummy bite of chocolate (or's really hard to stop at just one bite, don't you think?). xoxo

April Cole said...

These are great, what fun... found art! :]
All three are terrific pieces, Fran.
I really like the wide variety of elements & design all these reveal.
Keep rating, my friend! ~xx