Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Completely Caffinated

What can I say? love this stuff.
I'm not even a snob, I like good coffee but I'll drink anything.
My favorite is a red eye-regular coffee with a shot of espresso.
But I try not to do that too often as I can become a little unbearable and jumpy. 
I mostly drink that if I'm super tired.
Look, I'm posting my sketch  as well!
I sketched this out of copy paper then transferred it to my watercolor book,
which is something I hardly ever do.
I usually just wing it, which brings me mild success.
I know I'd be better off if I planned well
but my brain doesn't work that way. Maybe I need more coffee ;)
Have a good day!
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Janet said...

I love this piece! The layering and transparency is great.

I no longer drink coffee (caffeine) but it used to be my #1 drink of choice. I worked for a coffee importer and got very spoiled with the "good stuff"...now I drink "fake" coffee!

Rita said...

Me love coffee, too!!! LOL!
Awesome sketch!
I got spoiled years ago by a cousin who taught me all about grinding my own beans and such. Changed my coffee drinking forever. ;)

Lynn Cohen said...

I drink rarely but I like what you drew! It's a fun piece!

Lynn Richards said...

Ahhhh. coffee..need I say more?
My favorite is Illy, but it's so expensive and I'm too cheap.
LOVE the sketch.

Frances Traina said...

thank you Janet! Wow an importer, I bet you were spoiled!!

Frances Traina said...

Hi Rita, Yes my dad used to do that. I don't grind my own and I don't think I should start. that will open up a can of worms:))

Frances Traina said...

Thanks very much Lynn!

Frances Traina said...

Hi Lynn- Oh that Illy is GOOD! thanks for your nice comments:)

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I don't go there too often but live with coffee drinkers... they live on the stuff... and it is real stuff all the way for them... they use a locally ground blend and all that... I quite like waking up to the smell though... they will love this when I show them...xx

April Cole said...

COFFEE!! ((delicious))
This is absolutely fun & fantastic... love the watercolor sketch!! :]

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Wonderful piece Fran!! I'm a coffee snob and proud of it. I can only handle so much caffeine a day or it triggers migraines so why not make it the good stuff!! xx

Cameron said...

Wow, Fran!

What a talent you are! And the fact that you have a love affair with the brown brew, too, makes you even more likeable...heehee!

I'm loving catching up on some of your posts! So glad you found me and that you've joined my swap. It'll be so nice to get to know you better :)