Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Got the time?

While I was creating this journal entry I was listening to a
movie my son and husband were watching.
I know that every time I look at this page for the next week or so,
at least, I'll be thinking of 'Poltergeist'.
It's funny how our minds work while we're creating.
I know for sure drawing and painting are almost a meditation for me,
that is of course if there isn't a movie on in the next room!

When I work its usually in silence and I like that the best...
but I do play some music once in a while.
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Rita said...

Poltergeist must seem like a pretty tame movie these days. LOL!

I don't have that happen too often, but I remember my mother playing an album on repeat--Fever and Smoke by The Three Suns--the whole time I was reading Lord of The Flies in high school. ;)

Sue said...

I love working in silence too..in fact silence is a very special home for me away from the hustle and bustle of people and their sometimes silly activities.

April Cole said...

Likewise, my friend... love the silence. :]
My imagination runs free, priceless moments for me.
The city life does't always provide this, earplugs work wonders!! LOL
I really like your watercolor sketch, Fran.
Such details you incorporated on the watch, great work.
I always enjoy my visit here, always inspiring. ~xx

Kristin said...

WOW! You are so talented, I swear ;) WONDERFUL work, xo

Lynn Richards said...

fabulous drawing, considering poltergeist was on in the next room!!! I always have music on, can't do anything without it.

aimee said...

very cool, frances! watches are such novelties to me -- I haven't worn one for 25 years! before cell phones I just looked at the sun for a rough guess at the time ;))

Alexandra said...

Another super great sketch! Seriously impressive!

kate fern said...

eek I can't handle horror movies!
I like to listen to the radio when I'm creating, I have that experience too, the show I'm listening to is triggered when I look back at the work.

Many thanks for visiting my blog, it's lovely to discover yours!!
Best wishes