Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of August

Oh my, where has this summer gone! Tomorrow is the last day of August. I'm off to the ocean tomorrow and plan to do some painting while I'm at the beach. We'll see how that turns out, LOL. I've been very busy the past few weeks but getting some artwork in here and there.  I painted a few things while on my vacation this week.

this is an abstract that I am still working on , putting the finishing touches.
I got this great insect book out of the library and having some fun making up my
 own journal pages based on the information and the illustrations.

Random nonsense in blue
I have been procrastinating on posting...its been about 3 weeks :(. The last few times I've posted it's taken me a long time to upload my photos etc. I guess I need to post more often so that there are less images to post, huh? I'll get back on track soon, I promise and there be alot less time between posts.

We celebrated an anniversary and my husband sent me an amazing and gorgeous bouquet. One of the best ever! Two days after I got it I had left for a few days to my parents and I was afraid the bouquet would completely wilt while I was away but its still going strong!

 I painted this one today, a week later:
OK I was going to post more but this blogger is really annoying me now!
I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs this weekend and looking forward to browsing and catching up on everyone's posts.
Take care and happy end-of- summer!
Have a safe holiday weekend,
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Serena Lewis said...

I so enjoy seeing your art, Fran! Such great variety....I particularly like your insect page! Have a wonderful time at the beach...hope you find time to paint but, if not, that's okay too. The beach is a wonderful place to just relax. Enjoy!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Happy anniversary and glad you are back because I missed you and your drawing... blogger was being a pain in the butt yesterday ... it has been pretty temperamental lately... but hopefully it will be sorted out and you will have a nice relaxing weekend and then come back refreshed and ready to paint... xx

Rita said...

Wonderful! I especially loved both your paintings of the bouquet! Lovely! :)

April Cole said...

All beautiful... :]
I had such a lovely visit here. ~xx
Your artwork is wonderful. ((sigh))

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Fran. I just posted a blog about procrastination....and here I am enjoying my procrastination....hope the ocean was wonderful.