Friday, May 25, 2012

iPhone portraits! 29 Faces - Portraits #17-21

Joe, Eric, Carl, Emily and Julianna
I thought I'd try to do portraits of REAL people the time around. LOL! I flipped thru my phone and painted my family.. They're a cute lot:))
I am almost caught up for 29 faces!
Hope everyone has a safe, happy, creative, fun and relaxing holiday weekend. Please be careful on the roads.. WELCOME SUMMER!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Portrait #16 Who's That Girl

Yay! I've worked out another portrait! I'm behind in the count but I'm okay with that!

I have no idea where she came from, just emerged on paper:)
I love that kind because I can see wee bits of other people in my life.
Tomorrow i have planned to do some more portraits.
I want to go out this month with a BANG!

I got out my microns a few days back and played around with the finest little point 005
( i love that one!) 

 I am almost done with the wonderful little sketch book Pat sent to me. So when I went to
Blick the other day I remembered to get some sheets of paper . Now
I plan on making another at the very same size!
The pages work out to 4.5"x5.5", perfect size. I need another small book...

And this is the last micron sketch i did on the last page of my small Moleskine.
 I did these sketches about a week or so ago...the last times i had tea.

 LOL, I like tea and its sooo much fun to draw/paint tea cups and such. 
I also enjoy all the little paraphenalia that goes along with it.
The loose leaves, the tea ball, the cozy, the illustrated tea boxes, sugar cubes, etc. etc.. but in the end I am a coffee girl!

And my favorite is the red-eye at Starbucks.
I don't get that too often because THAT is craziness in a cup!... I treat myself every so often.
Do you like the java or enjoy a spot of tea?

Enjoy your Friday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Fun

What a super gorgeous weekend we had here in New York. The weather was just amazing! The ride upstate was beautiful, its so lovely and bucolic up there. Every where you look you want to photograph because its so lush and green. On the way home, we stopped at a greenhouse that specializes in orchids. I picked up a yellowy pinky phalenopsis, to go along with my white-burgandy one the boys got me on Mother's Day. I plan on painting one or both soon before I kill them.

I went to pick up some things at Blick today. I love that damn place:) I bought some new brushes, more Microns :D and some other goodies, spending some birthday cash I received. I came home and was meaning to paint but started collaging and stamping.
 I didn't get a single portrait done this weekend, oh well:) Back to it tomorrow.
Here are some photos of what I worked on today, what fun I had!

I love making these tags. I have to find a craft I can utilize them for, all I can think of using them for is scrapping and adding to gifts when I wrap them.

I decorated some brown Moleskine sketch books I bought at Blicks with my homemade stamps

I think I like this one best:)

The cover of this journal below has this image I really like.
It shows two boatsmen along the shore in this Japanes illustration.
This bit of an image is from a brochure I got at the mall at the Teavana store.
I knew it would come in handy!
This is the front of a mini journal that I collaged,
 the inside papers are not added yet.
More work needed on this!
Here is another journal I started a few weeks back by paper-ing it up.
Today Iadded all the details to the cover.
This a Ronzoni Ziti box, you can see the 'window' right under the bird and top purple swirl. Peeking through is the little envelope I made for the back of the journal. Almost done I have to addthe paper inside still.
I like the scrap papers I used on this. I forget the brand but its so nice.
A little spot to tuck in notes or fortunes.

I am still on a bird kick. They are so popular, every where you turn around there is a bird on something LOL!
Take good care of yourself and I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Portraits #13, 14 and 15 - 29 Faces Challenge

I have three new portraits/postcards for both challenges I am involved in. I tried to add a good bit of detail, however I think I should have started off with color backgrounds rather than just white. I guess I'll try that on the next portrait attempt. So I have here more flower faces:)

Face #13
My son finds these disturbing and promised I would do some more images like the Frida postcard. He liked Frida the best.He thinks the new faces 13-15 are too "weird". The 12 year-old art critic, love that he has an opinion:)
I like them all but not for the end result. The process is the most fun for me. I like the final product only because it reminds me of what I did and what I thought about to get to the final piece. Art is a journey to me. I am starting to like more and more the idea of not knowing where it will end up.

Now I'm off to bed, we've got an early rise tomorrow and a long ride upstate. Sunday will be a lazy day, woohoo! The Feast on the Beach is in town, maybe my son and I will make our way to the water in the afternoon. St. Boniface Church presents a carnival there every year. Lots of cotton candy, crappy carny food and great rides...Summer is almost upon us! 

Enjoy your weekend! have fun and be safe:)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Portraits 11 and 12 - 29 Faces

I joined this postcard swap at the end of April. The 5 postcards have to be mailed out
by the end of May... so I thought I would
fulfill two commitments ;) by painting portraits on them,
as that will count toward the 29 Face Challenge too!
For Frida here, I recycled a Christmas card, then painted over with
white acrylic, then painted her with gouache on top of that.

Postcard 1 - Frida and her quote.

For Postcard 2, illustrating the Tolstoy quote, I cut the cardboard for this postcard
from a box of ziti, its the perfect thickness! Gouache over white acrylic again, before I painted
the acrylic I glued a page from a book I had bought that was in need of recycling.
I like the stamp at the bottom, its the perfect color. The flowers were
cut from a Vera Bradley card I got in the mail.
Postcard 2 -  Tolstoy Quote.

I have three more to go. The cards are already prepped with acrylic so half the work is done. Now the fun stuff can be done. Tomorrow is Friday and as always I'm sooo happy.
 I think Thursdays make me happier than Friday because of the anticipation..
Have a great day and THANK YOU so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes I received from my bloggie friends!! You're all terrific and I enjoy you my time here with you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Days #9 (a lesson learned) and #10 - 29 Faces

My lesson with rushing.
I had this vision of a girl amongst roses....
I had such a good time creating her.

Boy, I am glad I took these photos right before I finished. Impatiently,
 I shut my sketch book (CLASSIC Fran) and pretty much ruined her
face. I couldn't just wait for her to dry:( I have not a bit of patience and
'had' to put all my things away so that I don't leave them hanging about..
The original smile, which came easy with just a stroke,  but I felt it fit her just fine.

Up close

Upon opening my sketchbook :(

re-painted but not the same :/

Day 10's face was created entirely from my homemade stamp colleation. This gal looks like a clown AND  she was so hard to create. I almost started carving more stamps go make it easier but I wanted to challenge myself to see what I could come up with based on what i had;)
Have a good evening everyone. I had a great birthday and thanks for the birthday
wishes from friends and family throughout the day! My son and husband took me to a wonderful Japanese restaurant and surprised me with delightful and thoughtful gifts.
 The food was terrific and we had a great time, as WeThree <3 always do.
Take care!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 7 and 8 - 29Faces

Happy Mother's Day !!
Portrait #8

On the top right of this photo are som eof the stamps that I used on these pages. I got a great set of inks from Stampin' Up. I love the colors so much, I can't wait to order another set.

portrait #7 -I have become obsessed with a book I found on American Folk Art of Pennsylvania.
The graphic look is extremely appealing to me. I'll be having some fun with that in the future:))
I have been copying flower patterns like there is no tomorrow. FUN
Enjoy this beautitul day:)))

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 6 and Day 5 completed - 29 Faces

Staying with the bird theme:)

close up
you know you've gotta

completed yesterday's piece :))

Today I am feeling a heck of
alot better
than yesterday and
my allergies are under
control. I'll be working on another
two faces tonight to I can keep up with the challenge.
Work is settling in a little bit,
thank goodness.

Two people I know just had babies.
One is an old
friend who remarried. His wife just had a little girl.

My colleague at work had her girl as well.

Ahhh... babies <3

Can't wait for this weekend...
oh we're attending a big get-together
for Mother's Day.

What a gorgeous afternoon and evening
we are having here on the Island of Long.
Sunny and crisp as could be.
Our backyard was busy with laughter,
 frisbee and nutty dog.

The water is starting to boil.
Got to get that macaroni in!

Enjoy your evening! Be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 5 - 29 Faces

- Day 5 -

Close up

I have been under the weather and sick.
Allergies are the pits. 
I need to catch up! I have another two sketches
going to get back on track:) Will post soon. Its pressure
doing these chalenges but alot of fun too.
I love seeing what others do and when I have some
free time between trying to breath (literally)
 and keeping on top of work, I will go back and
 check on the other blogs I've been lucky enough to discover.

Happy Wednesday  - we're half way there gang!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 4 - 29 Faces

I stuck to my markers today for the challenge.

I used practice quite a bit of yogs and just started thinking of how
I would like go back to attending a class once a week.
I love this quote, my yoga instrutor Ramona used to say this at the very end of our class.

I hope you enjoy my portrait. Have a great night and happy Sunday.

3 of 29 Faces

My second portrait attempt. I had a photo from
Christmas of my neice Emily (aka Nina).
Emily at Christmas
I used a micron sketch to start and then added
the watercolor. I don't think the pinks in her face are as
strong in the actual painting than how they look here.
I just did the scan and the image wasn't color-corrected.
Micron drawing  first
 And, still the eyes are too big :) 
One of many things to work on.. :)  
Have a terrific Saturday and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 2 of 29 Faces

I worked on this painting last night. I have more work to do or I might just do it over [?] I learned alot by making this painting. I think I am going to get ALOT out of this challenge. I really don't do faces as much as I would like. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and I fixed the neck. It seems to work better. The iphone is such a great tool. I kept taking photos and it helped having a smaller, overall view of the piece.  I am basing this on a painting I have hanging in my office. Right over my computer screen. I have been looking at this girl for about years and wanting to do my own version. Years ago I did an outside art show and the guy in the booth next to me had all these amazing portraits of girls. You can see by the photo below that the painting isn't so big, its about 4" wide, max. And the nose! what a pain, LOL! Oh boy its going to be a fun month, ahhaha!
her neck didn't look right...
Felix Berrot, dated 1996

TGIF everyone! Have a terrific day and enjoy the weekend!