Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Days #9 (a lesson learned) and #10 - 29 Faces

My lesson with rushing.
I had this vision of a girl amongst roses....
I had such a good time creating her.

Boy, I am glad I took these photos right before I finished. Impatiently,
 I shut my sketch book (CLASSIC Fran) and pretty much ruined her
face. I couldn't just wait for her to dry:( I have not a bit of patience and
'had' to put all my things away so that I don't leave them hanging about..
The original smile, which came easy with just a stroke,  but I felt it fit her just fine.

Up close

Upon opening my sketchbook :(

re-painted but not the same :/

Day 10's face was created entirely from my homemade stamp colleation. This gal looks like a clown AND  she was so hard to create. I almost started carving more stamps go make it easier but I wanted to challenge myself to see what I could come up with based on what i had;)
Have a good evening everyone. I had a great birthday and thanks for the birthday
wishes from friends and family throughout the day! My son and husband took me to a wonderful Japanese restaurant and surprised me with delightful and thoughtful gifts.
 The food was terrific and we had a great time, as WeThree <3 always do.
Take care!
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April Cole said...

I love both of these sketches, Fran!!
Very creative, colorful, and fun. :]
Lovely work , as always.
Keep them coming...

Zoe Ford said...

You know what Fran? I don't think you ruined the face in the roses at all by closing the book before it was dry. It's like you opened the book and suddenly she has this smile on her face that wasn't there before. I actually really like it (before and after the smudge) Maybe she's smiling to tell you it was a happy accident ;)

Frances Traina said...

Thanks April:)) I working on them as fast as I can! I am soo behind, but that's okay...I'll get them done!

Frances Traina said...

Thanks for saying that Zoe!

Janet said...

I agree with Zoe...I think she likes her new look and is smiling to let you know.

PS - I'm an impatient artist, too. This is something I would have done.

And belated birthday wishes...I'm sorry I missed the actual day.

Walk in the Woods said...

Great faces … and yeah … I've closed my journal too soon … just the other day, in fact!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Great save on the face Fran. I think she's just as lovely after and she was before...just with a different expression on her face! Great job sticking with the stamps face...I can see how that could be a lot of work. Keep making your gorgeous faces lovely lady! xx

Lynn Richards said...

I am horrible with patience when it comes to creating. Something I am learning all the time!!!
Belated birthday wishes to you.

Aimeslee said...

oh man! too bad...but hey, i like the way you mended her and now you have two faces for the 'price' of one. happy birthday, a little latte, sorry. xoxo

Frances Traina said...

hi Janet, thanks for your comment and also for your birthday wishes:))) FranT XO

Frances Traina said...

Rosemari, I knew I couldn't be the only one:) I love the faces you posted recently.

Frances Traina said...

Aw Lorinda, Thanks for saying so:)
I appreciate your visits and comments! have a great day!

Frances Traina said...

Thanks Lynn!!!

Frances Traina said...

Thank you Aimeslee! You're right, and who can resist a 2 for 1 special:)

Jenny said...

So happy you had a wonderful birthday Fran... and the Japanese Restaurant sounds a fabulous way to celebrate... I love both of your gorgeous paintings... and really... how wonderful with your first girl... she started off with a very wistful look... and now she is smiling... meant to be I think...

Jenny x