Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Before: Medicine box!
After: Journal!
A few nights back I was inspired by Jennie's youtube channel, again, and made just had to make these journals from medicine boxes and toilet paper tube. I always feel guilty throwing these out wondering if there is anything I can do with them? Well, yes!!

Pill box journal / Front cover
back side

This is the toilet paper tube!

spine view
I glued tags inside in order to use the string, for tying the book closed

Another made from a paper tube! I love the button:)

I have so much paper left over from my scrapping days, i could make a hundred of these and still have paper left over. Now I have two macaroni boxes and three papertowel tubes waiting in the wings:)
Happy Tuesday! Enjoy this day. Its cold, gray and rainy here
in my corner of NY today. Hopefully the sun will peek out later.
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Creatively yours Fi said...

You are so clever Fran :) I'm a toilet roll hoarder myself...I think I imagine I'm going to come up with a brilliant artistic idea and make a million one day! :)from the rolls.

Fallingladies said...

Very cool, i will have to check out her youtube stuff!

Frances Traina said...

Fi, you are so funny!

Frances Traina said...

Andrea, you might like it. I always find something interesting. YouTube is good because they also put related videos to the side. So much to see online and so little time:)

Rita said...

I love Jennibelli's videos! She has so many ways to recycle things I would never have thought of. I love your journals you made, too! They're gorgeous! Can hardly wait to see more...and what you will do with the pasta box with the window! ;)

Jennibellie said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! So glad I had chance to blog hop a little today and didn't miss them :) Never throw away annnnny-thing, everything can be made into something and look how lovely they turned out! much love xx

Janet said...

Fran, these are so cute! And such a cool way to use and recycle things. I love them!!

painted fish studio said...

your mini books are so awesome! i love that you're recycling/upcycling materials

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

You're just too clever for words!! xx

Serena Lewis said...

Fantastic journals, Fran!! Jennibellie has some great tutorials.

I love YouTube too!

Lynn Richards said...

No way. These are so stinking cute!!!!!! I'll have to check out the video. Love it!

Aimeslee said...

Awesome job, Fran. Mr. Whipple would be proud! ;-))) xoxo