Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 1 of 29 Faces

I just found about this Challenge so I have a little catching up to do. The Challenge is to create 29 portraits in the month of May. May's got 31 days so that leaves 2 days of flexibility. I guess I have already used mine, haha. I have this Micron sketch of four faces I did yesterday, one from TED, one from my head and two in  Yoga magazine. Check out TED its a great site!

I like creating portraits of random people, as long as they aren't anyone recognizable.I am not so good with likenesses... So maybe I might try to do more famous portraits to improve that. I gotta work on the eyes as well. I am always making them too huge.

CHECK the side bar to the right for the button. Clicking that button with the kiddie face will link you to the blog hosting this challenge:) Why not give it a try?
I will try to catch up later today and add a second portrait to this post:)
have a great day!

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Ayala Art said...

I think your eyes are fine! Lovely ladies! So good to see you in this challenge!

pauline said...

Fran, my dear friend, you are MULTITALENTED!! This is gorgeous. I love the line drawing... i have little time tonight but i'll be back tomorrow to catch up on your blog. Hope things are good with you. xoxo

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Wonderful faces Fran! I'm so glad you're playing along. I'm not...just enjoying everyone elses's work :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic faces! Love your style.

Frances Traina said...

Thanks for the kind comments!!