Thursday, May 17, 2012

Portraits 11 and 12 - 29 Faces

I joined this postcard swap at the end of April. The 5 postcards have to be mailed out
by the end of May... so I thought I would
fulfill two commitments ;) by painting portraits on them,
as that will count toward the 29 Face Challenge too!
For Frida here, I recycled a Christmas card, then painted over with
white acrylic, then painted her with gouache on top of that.

Postcard 1 - Frida and her quote.

For Postcard 2, illustrating the Tolstoy quote, I cut the cardboard for this postcard
from a box of ziti, its the perfect thickness! Gouache over white acrylic again, before I painted
the acrylic I glued a page from a book I had bought that was in need of recycling.
I like the stamp at the bottom, its the perfect color. The flowers were
cut from a Vera Bradley card I got in the mail.
Postcard 2 -  Tolstoy Quote.

I have three more to go. The cards are already prepped with acrylic so half the work is done. Now the fun stuff can be done. Tomorrow is Friday and as always I'm sooo happy.
 I think Thursdays make me happier than Friday because of the anticipation..
Have a great day and THANK YOU so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes I received from my bloggie friends!! You're all terrific and I enjoy you my time here with you!
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Jenny said...

Both of these postcards are amazing Fran... so love Frida... and the beautiful bright colors... and your second little girl with her bird is adorable... awesome quote too...

Jenny x

Frances Traina said...

Thanks Jenny:))

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Fran, so glad you found me at just add water silly through Tracy, I had a bear of a time finding you back!!

Every time I land on a google plus linked site I can NEVER find HOW to get to that person's blog. I click everything but nothing gets me here. Gosh, I have to say, I hate google now! It used to be so great but the plus is so NOT intuitive. I just get lost.

Ok, done rant. I hope to see you in APR sometime so I can see more of your art, I love your blog button woman's hair, so cool!

Rita said...

What fun these are! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them. :)

April Cole said...

OMG, Fran!!!
Super good stuff here today... loved my visit :]
Your Frida postcard, do tell me you have made copies.. ?? Please... ??
You are very talented, thank you for sharing.
Happy Friday to you. ((hugs))

Frances Traina said...

Hi Jenn, thanks for your note! I don't know what APR is...?its late so maybe I will figure that out in the morning:)

Frances Traina said...

Hi Rita! Thanks I just finished the others. I'll be posting two the other is wet and will prob be dry by morning so I'm waiting to scan:)

Frances Traina said...

Hi April, I sent you an email:)

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous!! I especially love the mixed media on the Tolstoy quote card... AND the quote... Yes, that's something I needed to hear today, in the middle of the madness when it's only just turned 8 am on a Saturday morning... Just BE (happy)! Thanks Fran :D