Thursday, May 24, 2012

Portrait #16 Who's That Girl

Yay! I've worked out another portrait! I'm behind in the count but I'm okay with that!

I have no idea where she came from, just emerged on paper:)
I love that kind because I can see wee bits of other people in my life.
Tomorrow i have planned to do some more portraits.
I want to go out this month with a BANG!

I got out my microns a few days back and played around with the finest little point 005
( i love that one!) 

 I am almost done with the wonderful little sketch book Pat sent to me. So when I went to
Blick the other day I remembered to get some sheets of paper . Now
I plan on making another at the very same size!
The pages work out to 4.5"x5.5", perfect size. I need another small book...

And this is the last micron sketch i did on the last page of my small Moleskine.
 I did these sketches about a week or so ago...the last times i had tea.

 LOL, I like tea and its sooo much fun to draw/paint tea cups and such. 
I also enjoy all the little paraphenalia that goes along with it.
The loose leaves, the tea ball, the cozy, the illustrated tea boxes, sugar cubes, etc. etc.. but in the end I am a coffee girl!

And my favorite is the red-eye at Starbucks.
I don't get that too often because THAT is craziness in a cup!... I treat myself every so often.
Do you like the java or enjoy a spot of tea?

Enjoy your Friday!

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April Cole said...

Oh my... such artsy goodness here!! :]
Such a wonderful face. You have a way with watercolors, Fran.
Also, your doodles are a joy to look at, such talent. What fun...
Enjoyed my visit here, thank you for sharing. Take care ((hugs))

Jenny said...

Gorgeous Fran!!! your portrait is so lovely... and awesome doodles and sketches... the first one ... explore... is just amazing... pure eye candy...

Jenny x

Jennibellie said...

Coffee, coffee and more coffee!!! I've gone through 3 coffee machines in the last year lol beautiful portrait, I love how you've added the colour, very beautiful much love xxx

Rita said...

Lovely face! And sweet tea sketches. I, also, love all the paraphernalia and pretty cups that go with the tea process and I make occasional visits to tealand, but am a coffee girl through and though. ;)

Lynn Richards said...

Your painting of the girl is aMAZing!!! Especially since you don't know where it came from. Crazy good.
I'm a coffee girl, through and through. I do enjoy tea. Since I haven't been able to have coffee for a while I'm telling myself I really enjoy tea quite a lot. Maybe it will help if I draw my tea cups as well...

Jeanne said...

I really love the portrait that simply "emerged." I have been experiencing that myself. You explore doodle is awesome.... Jeanne

Cheryl Apple said...

I love your use of color for the shading in the portrait. Makes me want to work with watercolors more.

Serena Lewis said...

Your portrait is beautiful! I like your other art sketches too...keep up the great work, Fran!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

So many days behind! All I want to say is that I LOVE everything in this post!!!! xx

Yvonne said...

Your Micron sketches are so cool!! Love my little 005 point as well :) And that face - again - stunning!! What you do with watercolours... It would have become a crying mess under my brush ;) Gorgeous work!!

Aimeslee said...

I could look at your art for hours! xoxo

pauline said...

oh Fran, this painting is A-MA-ZING!! Probably the best so far (for me). i love your doodles too, and i SO know what you mean about the .5 micron pens. In this case, smaller really IS better!! :-) Your watercolor portrait is really incredible though... fabulous work, my friend! And your family - too frikkin' precious. They are lovely! xoxo