Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Sketches 10/14/12

Mugs!  :) 
I was so tempted to put images on these mugs/cups
 but I resisted.
 I wanted to keep the focus on the shapes.
I think I may try another with the mugs in their actual colors and graphics.
 We'll see. No pressure:)
My son and I took our dog (Einstein), packed up the car and 
visited with my sister's family and my parents today.
It was an interesting visit...
I was raised in a family with four kids
and it's funny I forget about the whole sibling situation and the issues involved.
My neice and nephew were in rare form and it sort of made me
nostaglic for the times my brothers, sister and I would argue and bicker. 
But at the same time I was quietly thankful I don't have to referee that daily.
Of course, my son is an only child...
its the way things worked out and life is good. 
It's sort of funny watching my son's expressions and
how he quietly observes their arguments.
And of course, in the car on the way home,
he wants to talk about me and my siblings.

What did we fight about? Did you get really mad?
It was a fun conversation, me driving along with
him in the back, with Einstein, laughing and laughing.
I love that kid :)
Have a wonderful week and be well!
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Cameron said...

Oooo, I would love that as a pattern for fabric or gift wrap!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Love the simplicity and boldness of this piece. I agree with Cameron above--fabric or gift wrap would be perfect! Glad you had such a fun (and interesting visit). Sounds like you and your son have a wonderful relationship. xx

Janet said...

The composition of this is perfect...I love it!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Phantom has the same reaction when we visit my sister who has 5 kids... very different world going from only to 5 in a house... especially as four are boys...
and I love the painting this week... so glad you left them simple... they look wonderful
T xx

April Cole said...

Beautiful mugs & fantastic composition, Fran!
Your talents ALWAYS amaze me. ~xx

Carolyn Dube said...

I agree with Cameron- that would be an awesome fabric! Wonderful colors and composition! I love those car rides when you can really talk with your kid (or kids for me). Those are the kinds of moments I want to capture and remember forever.

Rita said...

Great cups and love the colors.
My son was an only child, too. We always got along really well and enjoyed each other's company. Only had a couple of arguments over the years. I just love my kid, too--even if he'll be 38 in a couple of weeks--LOL!