Saturday, October 20, 2012

drawing and writing

I've been doing alot of drawing and illustrating quotes and
phrases this week.
I have posted a few here!

Instagram has become a favorite of mine and I have to admit

I'm a bit addicted.
I am sure that will pass though, first it was Facebook,  then
Twitter, some Flickr, Tumblr, it
goes on and on and I am sure there will be something new.
This is how it looked like when I posted on Instagram, there are filters to modify the way it appears.
This is a filter I like and use often.
 Its amazing how things just keep on changing.


 I find that I get excited and exhausted by it all.
I try to keep up but its impossible. LOL!
Well I am off to the art store, I have this sudden

design to make a book.

I have the thread for binding, etc. I need paper

 and a few other things to make it happen.

I found a good video
on YouTube and will try it out.
I may or may not post what I create,

 LOL, it depends on how good it comes out.
Happy Saturday:)
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Serena Lewis said...

I love your art!! The quotes and sketches are awesome and beautifully illustrated! I've been feeling a little overwhelmed myself of late with all the challenges I've taken on plus chaos in my personal life. I don't get much time to visit my fave blogs but I'm trying to grab moments for that when I can.

Have a fabulous weekend! xo

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I've been just loving your illustrated quotes on Instagram. And am rather envious of your Vitamix. Happy book binding!!

Rita said...

I've really been enjoying all these calligraphic sayings you have been doing. They're wonderful and will make a great book. :)

Lynn Richards said...

I so enjoy looking at you illustrations, Fran! I'm glad to get sneak peaks on IG.

Frances Traina said...

Serena- Thank you so much for your kind comment:)) I hope the chaos calms down and you get more time to relax and do the things you love and get to create more!I loved the Buddha sketch you posted!

Frances Traina said...

Lorinda, thank you! And yes I love that Vitamix:) The book binding went well and I will post about it soon:)

Frances Traina said...

Thanks Rita I enjoy doing them!Thank you for the good idea. I should make a book out of them!

Frances Traina said...

Hi Lynn , Glad to see you on IG too! The bicycle pictures from a while back were too funny!