Monday, October 29, 2012

List It Tuesday

( or are they?)
Aimee's got a great list prompt this week.
Now that I've got it written down, it seems so much more manageable,
I just might do these few:)
This list typically runs on Tuesdays but due to the hurricane
she started the contest early in case power is lost.
I'm doing the same, signing on early due to the hurricane Sandy.
Our lights keep flickering and the tall, tall trees out side are swaying ominously.
It's a waiting game.  And we have our flashlights at the ready:)
 Read all about here:

 Go to Aimee's page to check out other links!
Have a safe and happy day!
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Mary Walker Designs said...

Hope the electric stays on Happy List It Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I love your list...yes, dusting anything high would not get much my attention...and doesn't.
I hope you are safe and have some power...your blog is awesome...good to meet you! : )

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

great list and so very true... stay safe and dry my friend xx

Terrie Purkey said...

Hope you're safe and sound and manage to get by unscathed! Great list - totally doable so now you know what to do if the storm keeps you housebound!

April Cole said...

Fran, your illustrated list looks fantastic! :]
Keep safe. ~xx

NatashaMay said...

The fun of the quick fixes is that they're rally not necessary or they'd be done by now. :)) Love your list illustration. :)

Linda Brightwingsofsummer said...

love your list! and sending safe wishes your way

queencake and titangirl said...

love the "now made public" message:)

storybeader said...

doesn't look like you'll have a lot of time to do any quick fixes. Good luck with riding out the storm. Take care. {:-Deb

Jessica Sporn said...

Awesome list and illustrations.

Janet said...

I've been thinking of you and hoping you and your family are all okay.

Em said...

Love these. The problem with chandeliers is that so few of them are on those little motorized lowering cord thingies.

Then you could lower it, blowdry it and raise it!

Hope you are all okay from the storm. Good thoughts your way.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I have loved the last two posts... hope the storm has passed you by and that you are safe and damage free... bit worried about this list today though... can we still be friends if I don't have a chandelier... I wanted one, but Sinus said no because he knows I would try to swing from it at some stage... such a party pooper...xx

Cameron said...

I forgo the dusting during Halloween....I say it adds to the spooky mood....but now that Christmas is coming, I guess it must be attended to. Could we just pretend it's snow falling inside? :P

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

lovely list!