Friday, October 12, 2012

its about time!

It's Friday and its about time! Wow, it felt a bit long for me!  As well as the fact that I've
finally gotten my thoughts down and sketches out so that I can post my Tuesday list and
participate with Artsyville's fun challenge!
I actually forgot to add fortune cookie fortunes to the list but I happen to have made a page
devoted to these little slips of fun...
I'm actually a sucker for tons more things, but these are the ones with the most suction

lately for me...I also forgot to add Instagram, now THAT can get to be an

obsession if you're not careful!
It is so brand new for me that I am getting a bit wrapped up and
insisting all my friends and family get on board too. 
But goodness, could they have made it any easier for chrissakes!? Its makes Facebook and

Twitter look and feel so damn complicated. Not to mention Blogger, LOL!
Well don't forget to visit Aimee's blog, she's always got something great she's

created posted there and her work is always so fresh and fun.
On that note, have a fabulous weekend!
My boy has a football game today on this gorgeous fall day. GO VIKINGS!
Take care and be well,

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Janet said...

What fun pages!

Frances Traina said...

Thanks Janet!

aimee said...

fab, fab, fab FRAN! especially the superheroes-style lettering for the header... love it!

pauline said...

Fran, you are SO friggin' talented!!! These colors and doodles and details are so much fun. I could look at this for hours. Your black and white quotes are great too. Just LOVE your lettering. I'm slowly catching up to so many blogs. It's always so great to see your beautiful work. xox

S.E.Minegar said...

pressed pennies! i totally forgot about those! love your illustrations!

Kalycakes said...

I love your list! Pressed pennies, yeah, have today I'm a sucker for those too.

Kalycakes said...

I love your list! Pressed pennies, yeah, have today I'm a sucker for those too.

Rita said...

I'm a sucker for a ton of things, myself. Nice pages! :)

Em said...

I love your list! And I'm a sucker for many of the things you've listed ... floor plans, garage sales, stand up, music in anything ... nice list. Love it.