Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 28 + 29 More Ink and Doggie Treats

 Double duty here at the end of the month! Work is pretty busy and creating artwork is

Moleskine sketch of Dog Biscuits
 taking a bit of a back seat for me these past few days, unfortunatley. I really would like to keep at creating at least once a day, after the challenge is over....we'll see:)  The art group I am in will keep things busy but I think that I can do even just a little something on a daily basis. I really ought to work on Etsy a bit more but I am pretty discouraged with my shop for the moment. I need to refresh!

Continuing with my color inks. I like this quote and have done it several times!

Through this challenge, I have met so many nice people who happen to be awfully good artists! I love jumping on and looking at all the terrific blogs. Off to look at some now!
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Amanda Trought said...

Hey there, thank you for your visit, like your style of art, had got me some of the winsor newton inks a few months ago, haven't really used them much. You have inspired me with your lettering, perhaps I need to pay the art shop a visit and get me some pens...off to check out your etsy store:) Blessings, Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

We Three 3 said...

thanks for stopping by Amanda! I love the inks and look forward to working with them more and more. I have to get new pens too. the ones I have are so old and i didn't take great care with them in college. I noticed too that the ink has enamel in it so I'm going to get cleaner too! have a good day!

Serena said...

I LOVE your artwork and calligraphy! The AEDM challenge is now over so I will be following your blog via RSS feed so I can still drop by.

Happy creating!
~ Serena :)

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, man. I'm going to put the saying about it not being the end all over my art room. great reminder!!!!
I would love it if you stop by and see if you would like to do the Linky party i'm planning for the fridays in December to encourage us all through this month!!
etsy...a true mystery to me, but one i want to understand!

Gwen said...

You should have definitely asked for the recipe.
Interesting use of the crayons.
Look forward to keeping up with you and have lots of fun.