Saturday, November 19, 2011

AEDM Day 19 ~ Today is the Day

It certainly is! It's 9:30 now and getting on my way to Suffolk to hit some holiday fairs. I have my day's art work done and I feel so organized! I have gotten to my third page in my handmade journal! Plugging along here:))Here are some of my handmade lino stamps. I have to ask Santa for some new stamp pads this year. Right now I am working with chalk pads, which are okay but I would like to get some nice juicy new stamp pads with cool colors. Goes on the dream list.

The sun is shining, its not too cold and leaves are falling as I type this. I think I am over my spell of insomnia and I am so delighted...fingers crossed:) Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday, enjoy the day!
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Gwen Hughes said...

Such bright and lively pages. Your home made stamps are very good and You do need some more ink pads; hope you get them.
I wish you luck for today, too!
Gwen xx

Kathleen Conard said...

This is beautiful - so bright and pretty! I love your handmade lino stamps. Any chance you would do a tutorial on your blog telling us how to make them. I have been wanting to make some, but don't quite know the supplies I need or how to go about getting started!

face of love said...

Love your lino stamps! So much fun and I love how you cut the lino into the stamp shapes - it never occurred to me to do that! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Serena said...

LOVE your pages and your handmade stamps look fab! I'm about to take a course with Alisa Burke for making stamps...can hardly wait to start the lessons.

Have fun exploring the holiday fairs!

lori vliegen said...

have a wonderful time in suffolk! your journal pages are looking will be filled up in no time! and i love your hand-carved stamps.....fabulous! xoxo