Friday, November 11, 2011

AEDM DAY 11 ~ Tape and Sticker job

this is what I am working on inside.

The other day I put my white gel pen to my moleskine cover and 1) I wasn't thrilled with what I drew and 2) the gel stuff never truly dries it just stays sticky and leaves white on whatever it touches :( I decided to take some K&Company stamp stickers I have and my washi tape and cover up the white mess! I think it looks cute. I like the image so much I made it a wallpaper on my iPhone! I love that about the phone. I used to have the Android but switched when my plan came due. I jumped at the chance to get an iPhone. I love that it is almost the same as my other favorite, the iPad. Having said that I still like the PC most of all but the other two are fast runners-up!
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Amanda Trought said...

This is a cute idea, sadly, don't have an iphone yet!

Jul said...

I'm a big fan of my iphone, too. What a great idea to make your artwork the background image - I should do that, too!

Lynn Richards said...

I really like how you did your cover over. Where do you get washi tape like that?
Did you know you can have covers made for your phone out of your photos?

Christine said...

oh wow...really like this. love that tape....awesome.

rajns (carolyn) said...

The cover is fun - and to be able to see it as wallpaper is awesome!

rmack said...

I love it! It has almost a quilt effect! And wonderful colors.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I love what you are working on inside as well as the cover... glad you hate those gel pen thingies cause they drive me insane with their never drying thing... thought it was just me xx

We Three 3 said...

Amanda - thanks for your comment and visit :D

Jul-you should! I change it every other day LOL! I just joined your international blog. My cousin is an ex-pat in Germany too

We Three 3 said...

I know the iPhone is awesome! Do you have the Yelp! app? Just got it and its my flavor of the week:)

Tape: i got that here its across the street from Bryant park on Ave of the Americas. my old job is located one avenue over. thank goodness that store wasn't there when I worked at that location or I would have spent my whole paycheck there!!
Yes, I think you can get the covers on zazzle, right?

We Three 3 said...

Christine - I love working with it. its translucency is nice.

Carolyn- I know! I think I may keep this on for more than a day:)thank you for stopping here!

RMack- you're right I didn't see that but this is true:)) thanks for pointing that out!

We Three 3 said...

thanks Tracey - I appreciate your remarks. That white pen is killer, only because after I did the cover I put it on my dining room table. grrr! It came off but I realize I can only use it on paper or something that is absorbent.

Lynn Richards said...

thanks for the link!!! i just got finished looking through your blog..can i just say how amazingly TALENTED you are??? and four children to boot. way to go!!!!!!
looking forward to more.

Lynn Richards said...

wait. do you have 5 kids???
oh, and what is the quote list you like so much?
where is you email????

We Three 3 said...

Thank you so much Lynn, you are very sweet! The link I like for the Rumi quotes is

My email is

Oh NO! I don't have four kids!!!! I have one, a boy. SOMETIMES he makes it feel like four... but for the most part my one and only takes it easy on me ;)