Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AEDM Day 23 - Things to Remember

inside flap

I took another stab at the india ink and I love it! I just need a better brush and I'm going to try with a nib as well. I have to first figure out where they are! My office looks organized but get into that closet and its a disaster. Why oh why do i need three half  full art tool boxes? I have to consolidate ALOT of things. Something for the New Year's resolution list!
Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Joe, Carl and I are hopping on the train and heading for uptown NYC to catch a look at the parade. We're positioning ourselves away from the midtown crowd and going up to where it starts. I plan on bringing my sketch book and hope I don't enjoy the parade so much that I forget to sketch LOL. I think Joey is going to really enjoy it. I just hope the weather holds up because we'd love to trip about after the parade... I have a feeling we're going to just 'wing' dinner as we don't have any hard plans. Having said that, there is still a big meal in our near future, as we always go to my sister's Day After Thanksgiving Dinner. She's a nurse and works on Thanksgiving Day. So her DATD is becoming more and more of a tradition for us.
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tortagialla said...

fabulous list! I think they are great reminders for us all.

Anonymous said...

oh I love how you give extra meaning to the list by visualizing it so creatively! if this hangs on my fridge, I will actually LOOK at it :-)...and be reminded!

thank you!


pauline said...

Dearest fellow artist,
You have three half full art boxes because you have to leave some space for new art supplies! :-)
i love this. THe message, the colors, the writing. Great work. I can tell you're having fun with the india ink.

Happy Thanksgiving. xox

Lori said...

I love the colors and the message. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Thanksgiving!