Thursday, November 17, 2011

AEDM -Day 16 Pasta in the Pantry

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My finished page, detailing the influx of carbs in my home this weekend. I get that tomato sauce at Waldbaums. It's so good and organic too. She even gave me the ricotta (2) and the blocks of mozzarella cheese (2).

Below are my pages from this afternoon. I brushed the colors in quickly after I ate lunch. Then back to work. I've been busy and worked till 7:30 tonight. My good husband made the baked ziti dinner. He didn't cut the cheese into cubes like I do but everyone has their own way of doing things and it was delicious as ever. He's a much better cook than I will ever be and more adventurous.

The page colors are off in this photo. the pink/red page looks orange/red here:) that green page is for tomorrow, maybe.
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Janet said...

The pasta sounds delicious. My hubby is also a better cook than I am.

I love the page you did about all the pasta, and your other backgrounds look great, too.

We Three 3 said...

Thanks Janet! It's great having a husband that cooks, it really takes the pressure off:)