Saturday, June 22, 2013

ICAD Week 3 Round-Up and then some.

Here is my Week 3 ICAD Round-up with 
the index cards show below.
Day 15

Day 16 "be"
Day 17 "Fire Away"

Day 18 [Tea for Tracey]

Day 19 "Home Sweet"

Day 20 "be" II


Day 21 Buddha Quote

I'm so glad there is an ICAD Facebook page 
to post up on as well. I've gotten the chance
to see so much great work and
 meet a nice bunch of people.
My last post went only up to Day 12
So here are #13 + #14 that I missed out on posting.

Today is the start of Week 4 and it runs through July so I'll have 60 or so pieces of artwork, that I would not have if I didn't participate!
 It's never to late to join ins, so do it you'd like. Its a great idea and keeps your mind moving:)
Take care and have a good weekend!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

ICAD Day 11 + 12

I know I should have 15 done by now
but I'm only up to 12...but I'm getting there!
Day 11
I'll be doing some more this evening in order
 to get myself back to where I should be.

Day 12
I made a collage of all I have done so far,(see below),
as well as showing Day 11 +12 on their own.

Hope you are joining in and enjoying this challenge.

Take care!
Fran T xo


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More ICADs

The day job is keeping me super busy
but I'm finding time for the index cards
[just not posting them here]!
My favorite, so far, is  DAY 8.
I'm trying to vary things as I draw
in order to keep things interesting.




DAY 10
There is more to come. I have two I am working
on simultaneously in the effor to catch up!
remember to visit to catch up on other artists!
Take care and be happy ,
Fran T

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 5 + 6 More Quotes

My favorite thing to do - illustrate quotes/sayings:)
Here are some more for Days 5 + 6!
Day 5 was a quick one but fun to do.
 I made another and put it on my frig.
This one for Day 6, below, was inspired by a
 very cool photo I saw on instagram.
The photo was taken at place called
the Crystal Palace in California.
I would love to go there one day.
 Heck I'd just love to get
back to California one day:)
I changed the woman a little bit.
This would be mostly about "line"
and I tried to create value by using different
 ways to fill the space with pattern and
black and white. I think I'll get to
coloring it but wanted to
challenge myself to b/w.
Don't forget my little, tiny
Knock,knock joke contest;)
Rememeber, to find out more
click the index card below,
you'll be glad you did:)
Take care,
Fran T xo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ICAD 3 + 4 - Knock, knock. who's there. Confuscius

Running like a chicken without a head.
Busy these days but trying to keep up with ICAD.
Oh boy, and its only just started :)
This one below is a favorite joke of mine, of my son
and it seems a heck of alot of people.
Comment me back if you know any other good ones!
I'll send a print of this ICAD or any of the others I have
made to the person who's joke cracks my son up the most. X)
.P.S. I have never had a contest
 so I have no idea how to go about this so,
 lets just say by this weekend we'll pick one.
My ICAD today is below.
For this card, I started drawing my favorite shapes.
My focus was on space and keeping it light and airy.
Because those doodly shapes get heavy fast.
I hope you join my little joke contest
and we're looking forward to the laughs!
Also please check out the other participants
in the ICAD Challenge
Take care,
Fran T

Sunday, June 2, 2013

ICAD 2 - 2013 - PEONIES

I picked this flower on my walk the other day
 and was looking forward to sketching it.
But for me, peonies are pretty daunting.
They are gorgeous but look at all those petals!
I just love the quote!
 I know nothing about this person Bashō,
so I went to Google to find out. 
Wikepedia says he 'was the most famous poet
of the Edo period in Japan and
that during his lifetime,
Bashō was recognized for his works
in the collaborative
 haikai no renga form; today, after
centuries of commentary, he is
recognized as the greatest
master of haiku (at the time called hokku).'
Great stuff!
Please take a few moments to check out some
of the other artist's cards and visit:

Happy Sunday and enjoy your day!
Take care,
Fran T xo

Saturday, June 1, 2013

ICAD 1 - 2013 - starting off!

Wow, I can't believe that its June already.
Well, I've jumped in with two feet and
I'm going to participate in
 ICAD 2013
Here's my first ICAD, below.
I got this from a quote on a fortune cookie.
I was going through last years ICADs for inspiration
and saw that fortune that 
I had glued on my card.
I couldn't find any loose cards that I had last year.
I had used colored index cards and
they were so cool to work with.
I have to dig some more, I know I have more.
Anyhow, I grabbed my son's spiral bound pad.
I kind of like that its in notebook form.
Maybe they make it in a larger 4x6 format,
because I really prefer the larger cards.

Be sure to check out the other cards!
Tammy has it so well organized.
You can post on your blog and link up to her blog.
You can post on Flickr, Facebook, Instagram...
go check it out!
Join in the fun:)
See you tomorrow!
Take care and enjoy this wonderful Saturday.
We're having a gorgeous day here on the island.
Fran T xo