Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 5 + 6 More Quotes

My favorite thing to do - illustrate quotes/sayings:)
Here are some more for Days 5 + 6!
Day 5 was a quick one but fun to do.
 I made another and put it on my frig.
This one for Day 6, below, was inspired by a
 very cool photo I saw on instagram.
The photo was taken at place called
the Crystal Palace in California.
I would love to go there one day.
 Heck I'd just love to get
back to California one day:)
I changed the woman a little bit.
This would be mostly about "line"
and I tried to create value by using different
 ways to fill the space with pattern and
black and white. I think I'll get to
coloring it but wanted to
challenge myself to b/w.
Don't forget my little, tiny
Knock,knock joke contest;)
Rememeber, to find out more
click the index card below,
you'll be glad you did:)
Take care,
Fran T xo
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Janet said...

Both of these index cards are beautiful. I love the quote, and the other one seems so peaceful.

Alexandra said...

I love your art and quotes! They ALWAYS inspire me. Thank you. :)

Karen said...

Wow, that second one is really beautiful. Black and white, yes!! (by the way, I'm participating too... ;) )

Fran Traina said...

Hi Janet! Thank you!!

Fran Traina said...

Aww thanks so much Alexandra!

Fran Traina said...

Oh that is great Karen!! I'll keep an eye out for your cards! Tammy has a prompt list and I noticed that one of the prompts this week is for stamps:)))