Saturday, June 1, 2013

ICAD 1 - 2013 - starting off!

Wow, I can't believe that its June already.
Well, I've jumped in with two feet and
I'm going to participate in
 ICAD 2013
Here's my first ICAD, below.
I got this from a quote on a fortune cookie.
I was going through last years ICADs for inspiration
and saw that fortune that 
I had glued on my card.
I couldn't find any loose cards that I had last year.
I had used colored index cards and
they were so cool to work with.
I have to dig some more, I know I have more.
Anyhow, I grabbed my son's spiral bound pad.
I kind of like that its in notebook form.
Maybe they make it in a larger 4x6 format,
because I really prefer the larger cards.

Be sure to check out the other cards!
Tammy has it so well organized.
You can post on your blog and link up to her blog.
You can post on Flickr, Facebook, Instagram...
go check it out!
Join in the fun:)
See you tomorrow!
Take care and enjoy this wonderful Saturday.
We're having a gorgeous day here on the island.
Fran T xo
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Karen Isaacson said...

words to live by, Fran! glad to see you're doing the challenge again this year.

Serena Lewis said...

Cool! I loved your ICADs the last time around. :)

lee said...

great quote, and great writing

Natasha said...

Such a true message! Great first card, looking forward to seeing your cards through ICAD! :)

Karyna @ PaperSquid said...

I really love this quote. So true on so many levels! :)

chelsea beeswax said...

beautiful! love the typography.

Annemieke said...

What a fun new project Fran! And such a lovely first hand lettered quote. P.S. I had not yet heard of ICAD :) I might wanna participate too ;-)