Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More ICADs

The day job is keeping me super busy
but I'm finding time for the index cards
[just not posting them here]!
My favorite, so far, is  DAY 8.
I'm trying to vary things as I draw
in order to keep things interesting.




DAY 10
There is more to come. I have two I am working
on simultaneously in the effor to catch up!
remember to visit to catch up on other artists!
Take care and be happy ,
Fran T

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April Cole said...

"YAY!" these are all ** FANTASTIC ** Fran!! :]
I always leave here, with inspiration, joy, and a smile ear to ear... ALWAYS ~xx

Karen said...

Very nice again and lot's of inspiration for me! I particularly like the one with the quote... and the petunia... and...

Natasha said...

Fabulous cards!! Love all of them, very inspiring. I look forward to following all your cards. :)

Donna McMorrow said...

Visiting from the ICAD facebook page. Beautiful cards. The petunia is beautiful.

Dianne said...

LOVE those petunias! absolutely gorgeous!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Day 9 is breathtaking. Glad you're managing to keep caught up. Those darn day jobs... xx