Saturday, March 9, 2013

Posting here and there

hello! Happy Saturday to you. I'm busy with posting things to my shop, then twittering about it and eventually will FB as well. It's a process but a fun one at that. I've been painting. I sneaked this flower in right before it died, that ranunculus was hardy, lasted almost as long as the mum flower did in my bouquet. I took photos and worked off of that to get this:

I love the green in this flower, and I wanted to really emphasize that.
It is such a good color contrast against the pink petals on this flower head.

I added in the name as well,
I probably should include the Latin spelling as well, just thought of that!

Today I worked on finishing up some lettering I did with my Copic marker. I have just one, a 02, because I wanted to try it out as I usually use the Microns [which I just love]. I read this in a magazine and thought it would be fun to do:
Lastly I just wanted to share some more felt fun, last weekend I worked on the felt pieces below, AND my crafty neice worked on one too! Em's is the Dream pillow. She designed that and executed it so well! don't you think?
Take care and I will try to post again sooner this time!
Enjoy your weekend and remember to SPRING forward an hour tonight.
Be well,
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Alexandra said...

Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. Your flower is gorgeous and I'm in love with your lettering. :)

Fran Traina said...

Oh thank you so much Alexandra!! That is so nice of you to say !!!

April Cole said...

Beautiful flower... Fran :]
Such an adorable felt egg too, super sweet!

Karen said...

And a happy sunday to you ;)! The 'ranonkel', as we say in Dutch, is one of my favourite flowers too! I think you did a marvelous job with this painting. The text is very nice too, i still think i have to try this some time :)

Annemieke said...

Wonderful work wethree :-). And you're so productive, wow! Keep up the good work girl. P.S. You forgot to mention you post on instagram too... Busy busy posting person. ;-)

Cameron said...

Em did a wonderful job...sewing letters can be difficult!

You make everything look so easy....beautiful flower and incredible lettering, Fran :)

pauline said...

oh, my friend Fran... you are SO the queen of lettering!! holy crap girl. That is beautiful. And such a lovely message. The flower is gorgeous too, and those little felt pillows are too precious. They look like so much fun to make. So adorable. Take care girl. xox