Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Renewal

 I 'm linking up to Artsyville's Glue-It Tuesdays
 I had started a painting on a page in my art journal but lost interest fast.
I thought I would use that as a base for this composition. 
I keep a plastic sandwich bag for my watercolor scraps.
I get great satisfaction out of the fact that
I can use all these little bits together. 
I did add some addtional paint to the purple bits, they looked too plain to me
Another project I am working on involves this book I have WaterPaperPaint and I have tried a number of the projects.
This one is Project 20:

 the edges of the artwork don't appear perfectly straight,
 I'll have to flatten in some books.

Of course, as I do with most instructions and recipes,
I don't read all the way through...[shocker]
I was supposed to use black paper or matte black acrylic to start but I just used black gouache.
So it got a bit tricky and easily muddied up the brighter gouache colors.
So next time I will be sure to use acrylic, then I won't have to go over alot of the elements to brighten them up. 
I am tempted to cut this up and make four ATCs but I think I am going to leave it.
Detail, a look closer
My favorite part are the blues, in the top left quarter and bottom left quarter. Green is my favorite color but blue is such a close second. 
 I am so glad its getting warmer. Aren't you?
A few spring-y things:
 specimens I selected while on my walk with the dog.
the crocuses are coming!
Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
Have a terrific weekend and enjoy!
Take care,
Fran T xo

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storybeader said...

Your glue it tuesday page is so light and airy. Then the project from your book is much darker.
The two projects are so different! {:-Deb

April Cole said...

Love this... great composition, Fran!!
Looks very inspiring. :]
Enjoy the process & the warmer "spring" days ahead. ~xx

Cameron said...

You are so cute....just diving in, then finding out later...oops, should've read the whole lesson....heehee!

It is beautiful, nonetheless! As is your spirit :)

Andria said...

Your watercolor "scraps" are lovely, and you've created a beautiful composition with them. I have the Water Paper Paint book, too, and have wanted to spend some more time with it. Thanks so much for your blog visit and comment for Glue It Tuesday!

Deborah Weber said...

What a lovely array of Spring goodness. Love your watercolor scraps. I always like working with the little bits best - they feel like special treasures.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I am a shocker for not reading instructions... leads to some disasters at times, but more often then not it works out... and this looks awesome so i would put this in the success category big time.... glad you are getting some glimpses of spring...xx

aimee said...

perfect! love!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I love that watercolour collage. So light and soft but yet fun and bright too--a perfect balance. Thanks for sharing your Water Paper Paint experiment. Looks like great fun. Can't wait to see what else you make! xx