Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Patterns, Games and WhatNot

Daylight Savings Time has kicked me square in the pants.
Wow, the power of one hour and what havoc it can wreck!
Well, its not so bad but every year it surprises me
how impactful it is on my being.
I stayed up late drawing the other night and
I looked up and it was 2:30!
I used my microns for these two drawings. A pen at
 size 005, the thin one, and 05, a thicker point. 
Garden, Grow!
 These were fun to work on.

Tea Time!
I also wanted to contribute a list to Artsyville's List-it Tuesday.
My FAVORITE games when I was younger were the following:
1.Perfection - that is the game where you have a set amount of time to put the yellow s
haped pieces into their corresponding holes. There was like 30 seconds to do so. What a pressure cooker of a game. Its sooooo telling of what type of person I am today. I work my best under pressure, LOL.
2. Gin Rummy - We looooved to play cards as kids. Other favorites were War (what passion!) and Solitaire. A past time that our parents and grandparents passed on to us. We would go to my grandparents for the weekends and I clearly remember all the adults in the dining room, playing cards, drinking cocktails and chatting ;)

3. Uno - another great card game that would go on and on!

4. MasterMind - this is a terrific game and I found the photo on the box so intriguing. I loved the woman's dress and just thought this guy was so slick, but I did think he was a little too old for her. We'd play this for hours. Haha!
5.Monopoly - this is a game that I would start out loving. There is just too much NOT to love. The fabulous pieces, the wonderful and colorful board and the cards! oh I just loved those cards with their cartoons. I liked Community Chest a little bit more. [Its the yellow color over the orange. ] Then the money! I had to be banker. However,  pretty soon into the game, say 20 minutes I would start hating the game, passionately. Mostly because my brothers were just so much better at it than me. And the dread of turning the corner on to the 'block' with Park and Boardwalk, ugh! What stress. Definate love/hate relationship going on here.
6. Scrabble - We played this game a whole heck of alot when we were younger. This is still a staple at my parents house! My mom and dad are really, really good at this game and play it quite a bit. We still break it out every so often when we go visit. 
7. Guess Who? - This is actually a game from my son's early childhood, but I personally loved it and wanted to add it. I liked this one so much that I would actually be the one asking him to play it with me! I just thought it never ever got dull for us to play and we would make up other little games within the game. We would also take all the cards out and play memory games as well.
That was so much fun looking back. I think I'll be looking for a deck of cards tonight and play a few hands with the my guys. Take a hop over to Aimee's blog and check out the other participants lists.

Enjoy your day!
Fran T XO
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Deborah Weber said...

Love your patterns - the garden one has me wishing I would be seeing something other than snowflakes out my window. I'm with you on still being off-balance from the time change. Is it bedtime yet?! Well, maybe there's time for one or two rounds of games. :-)

April Cole said...

Master Mind Game... was one of my favorite! :]
What a delightful & fun post, thank you for sharing, Fran. ~xx

p.s. your illustrations ROCK!!

aimee said...

Never played Guess Who! That looks like a blast! We are all still suffering from DST... I want this week to be over!

Karen said...

Yes: mastermind, uno, monopoly, scrabble! By the way, did i already mention i love your work?:)
You already changed time? we have to wait until the last weekend of march. and yes, i always feel a bit 'jetlagged' too, although it's just one hour.. but... evenings will be longer :), summer WILL arive, in the end..

Cameron said...

Wow, blast from the past! That cover of Mastermind had me, too....easy to look mysterious to a yong kid....haha!

A game I'd add would be Sorry. Just played a round with my daughter tonight. Still a fave around here :)

The time change has been hard for me, too! An hour really does make a difference....who knew?! :P

I just love your patterns! The tea one is phenomenal!

NatashaMay said...

Love your list! Uno was my fave, too. :) And what an amazing illustrations. It must have taken you hours.

Cheryl said...

Hi Fran,

Your "garden" and "tea time" illlustrations are amazing. Well done!

Loved your games list, especially since you illustrated each with a photo.

Paula Bogdan said...

Yes to Monopoly, gin rummy, and scrabble! Love, love, love the teapot illustrations!

Karen Isaacson said...

that is the exact version of mastermind I had as a kid too. We now have a much newer version that we play as a family, but it can't compete with that weird 70's vibe. and I can still feel the texture of that plastic board in my mind.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

We played and still play mastermind like demons... Phantom and I love it while Sinus hates it... like really hates it... and I love that tea drawing sooo much.... but you knew I would didn't you ...x