Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 My job has got me so busy and I
feel like I'm getting in just bits of life activities
 in here and there. This too shall pass:)
I tried to get some painting in the other night
and I'm happy with the result.
Painting is my escape, brief as can be, but still...
I get lost in making these abstracts.
Happily lost, I'd like to say.
I wish I had time to paint or draw up my list for
Artsyville's LIST IT Tuesday but it's
 not in the cards for me this week.
I can even imagine what I would draw...
but not enough time in the day!
So, here goes -
This week's suggested topic was "what's working for you."
1.My new haircolor
2.My decision to no longer micro-manage J's homework and after school activities. I've just let it go. And amazingly we both are surviving.
3. Painting multiple times a week. Gotten into a groove. I've still got some days left.... I'm not giving up hope on squeeking out some time this week.
4. My new meal plan. I've been rolling 20 days now. It works if you work it, Frannie
5. Going to bed before midnight MOST days.  This night owl can actually do that. One day, I'll be a morning person, its my dream.
6. Eating dinner earlier in the evening. Switched around homework time and dinner time. Mucho better plan.
7. Staging my coffee maker the night before. Gee, what a bright idea I had, will wonders never cease? 
I hope to get another post in this week.
Please visit Artysville's blog,
she is sparkling, colorful and humorous.
Also, why not have a peek at some others
I've listed on my side bar? I love going to these spots.
Maybe you will too I hope so! :)
Also linking up to Show Me What You Got art linkup.
Have a wonderful day!
Take care,

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Lynn Fisher said...

First of all, the abstracts are wonderful! Is that watercolor, ink, or acrylic?
Secondly, love the list. A new hair color and going to bed early make one healthy, wealthy and wise. Isn't that how that saying goes?????

denthe said...

Wonderful work! love those soft colours!

Janet said...

I love your painting!! The colors are beautiful and I like all the detail. Is it watercolor? I can't imagine getting that much control with a brush!!

Karen said...

I really should try this some time too... Not that i believe i can make such a beautiful painting like you do..., i can just imagine the meditative feeling...

Mary Walker Designs said...

It's the little pleasures like pretty hair and waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee that makes life good

pauline said...

Oh fuck, #7 cracked me up!! LOL! You kill me.
I LOVE LOVE your painting!! Your stuff amazes me. Whenever i see your work, i always think "ah man, i wish I would have thought of painting that!!" You have such imagination and you always seem to put exactly the right amount of everything in your paintings. The right colors, the right balance, the right lines, etc. Love it. xox

Sue said...

This is a wonderful piece with light and excitement. It is a style I would love to try:)

Lynn Richards said...

Looks like a good roll to me, Fran!!! Way to go!

Fran Traina said...

It's watercolor Lynn! Yes LOL MAKES YOU HEALTHY, wealthy and wise

Fran Traina said...

Thank you so much dent he!

Fran Traina said...

Hi Janet! Yes it's watercolor with a thin brush for some spots!

Fran Traina said...

Aw thanks Karen!! Yes it's incredibly relaxing sometimes!

Fran Traina said...

Yes! I agree, Mary!

Fran Traina said...

You are so nice to say that.. Funny is that I too say the same when I see your work... My favs are your portraits! You can really get the likeness perfectly!

Fran Traina said...

Thank you Sue and thanks for your visit because I was able to check your blog

I'm your newest follower!

Fran Traina said...

Thank you my dear!!! Hope you are doing well!

Zafaran said...

Love your abstract art! Lovely colors, soothing.

Adrienne Rose said...

I really love it! the colors are amazing and your control over the watercolor! Great works, I could imagine this would be very zen-like to do!

Deborah Weber said...

Love the painting! And great list - it sounds very nurturing and nourishing - all good things in my book.

Paula Bogdan said...

Love the list and love the painting...absolutely gorgeous colors!

ManuK said...

Very beautiful, Fran! When I look at your abstract drawings I can't help thinking how wonderful they would look in combination with quilling! Paper graphic, to be more precise :)

Have a wonderful day!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Wow, wonderful painting!! Love the list too. Funny the things that seem so simple...after we've thought of them! Don't work too hard xx

Em said...

You cracked me up on the coffee maker thing.

As far as becoming a morning person? I'm a night owl as well, and I have a theory about it. (I think it's easier to hear the muses when my corner of the world is psychicly quiet!) So I'll stay a night owl. Hoot.

Your painting is gorgeous.

April Cole said...

Love your painting, the shades of green! :]
Great list, "what is working for me" as the topic, very motivating.
Thank you for sharing to with me... ~xx

April Cole said...

Love your painting, the shades of green! :]
Great list, "what is working for me" as the topic, very motivating.
Thank you for sharing to with me... ~xx

Creatively yours Fi said...

hi Fran,
Great post!! Love it....and I love your green abstract...just gorgeous xX

Cameron said...

All that gorgeous green! Love your relaxing swirls and lines :)

Glad so many things are working for you! When you can't fill up a list like that, then you have to worry....haha!

Curious what your hair color is now? ;P