Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Got Soul

I've been listening to Pandora endlessly these days. My typical mode of music listening is to download an album and just listen to it to death. I remember when I lived in NYC I spent an entire summer, three months, listening to U2's POP. I'm relentless. So now when I hear any of those POP songs out of the blue, I automatically think of the #2 train, LOL. Pandora is good because it mixes things up but there are repeats here and there, which most people grumble about but its fine by me.
The Killer's lyric, from my Instagram account

I like The Killers alot and I had some lyrics stuck in my head, and oddly enough, as soon as I illustrated it, *poof* it left me little brain! I've done some more micron drawings and the one below got me a commision to do a tattoo design! I've only done one before this..I hope it works out and she actually gets it done!

excuse the poor quality, used my phone:)

Last Sunday was my parent's 50th anniversary and we had a terrific dinner out.
My brothers, sister and I gifted them with a cruise this fall.
My mom loves to do origami so I made up some boat favors.
I had so much fun making these and I think they got a big kick out of them.


I love these two:)
Aren't they cute?

Have a great weekend! Keep warm! It's cold out there!
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Karen said...

NICE! As you know I'm 'new' here, so maybe you can forgive me this question: do you write these beautiful letters by hand and by heart? It looks great!
Happy anniversary to your parents (50 years!!)

Fran Traina said...

Yes they are all drawn by hand:))

Karen said...


Janet said...

Congratulations to your parents on 50 years! They're a cute couple.

And I like the rose drawing so much. No wonder someone wants it as a tattoo.

April Cole said...

Aww... such a delightful post, Fran!
Happy 50th Anniversary to your parents.
Now this is a marriage, one I strive for in my own relationship with my hubby. :]

Love your illustrations.
Thank you for sharing your talents.

Fran Traina said...

Thank you April!!! Your comments always make me smile!

Fran Traina said...

Aww, thank you so much Janet!

Fran Traina said...