Monday, February 18, 2013

Felt Fun

About a year ago, or more, Pat at Lost and Found mailed me a wonderful handmade sketchbook and a felt heart pin she made. I am so in love with this pin and its always wanted to make my own. This weekend I finally bought some felt and my mom and I worked together to figure how out to do this. Here is our work. My mom made the flower, and I made the circle piece. Barb is amazingly good at all crafts and gets it right on the first try! I needed another shot to get it right. I tried the bird later last night and am pleased with the results. 

Mom's flower

First try for me:)

My second go at it!
Then after making the little thingies, I thought I would try embroidering a typical doodle I do... I have to say that, for me,painting is a whole lot easier than embroidering! I've got to hand it to those who stitch! It's definately a process!
 I hope everyone had a very nice Valentine's Day!
Take care and will be back soon!
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So that means I'm going to try to post more often.
Daily as a matter of fact. 
Wish me some luck, for cryin' in a bucket.
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Janet said...

They look great...I love the birdie. All those yummy colors makes felt a lot of fun to work with.

Mary Walker Designs said...

We're linking in the comments section now thanks for sharing your felt creations I feel guilty that I through our scraps away

April Cole said...

Oh, how "SUPER SWEET!" :]
Fun colors & happy shapes... makes me a a happy artist.

Pat said...

These look great! I hope making them was as fun as they look.

Zena said...

So great. And wonderful blog too, very inspiring. I am your new follower

Karen said...

It's always nice to try something new. Embroidery... I think you are a brave person ;), but you did a very good job :))

Anonymous said...

Love the bird ~ adorable ~ needlework can be challenging ~ Great job! ^_^

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

These are so cute and look like tons of fun to make!! You and your Mom did a fabulous job! xx

pauline said...

Fran, these are adorable. i'm sure they're so much fun to do. I would think very meditative...? So happy to catch up here. i'll write soon. Take care, my friend. xox

jane said...

very very cool. now i want to try. :)
big hugs fran!

Kim Caine said...

Love these pins. Have you tried felting with natural fibers? To me it is fun and somehow makes more sense to a painter. Something to ponder?

Karyna @ Paper Squid said...

That embroidery doodle piece you're doing looks really cool! Haha, but yeah, drawing seems easier, lol. These are really adorable and I love the colors. Felt is such a cool material.


April Cole said...

OH MY... so "pretty" :]
Very inspiring, Fran... sweet felt indeed... makes me a happy artist! ~xx