Sunday, December 4, 2011

A small lesson in ATCs and ACEOs


Some of my ATCs
 Frankly I have to got to Mr. Google to find out the exact differences between the two. I found a good description here. The bottom line is that ATCs (Art Trading Cards) are traded only, and the ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) are made to sell.  I have been spending the past few days swapping cards and having some fun. I was just telling another artist that I tend to make alot more art than I can "get rid" of. I like the idea of swapping! I really like to sell art but swapping is another kind of fun because I'm getting another work of art back. I'll post photos of the ones I receive..And I just wanted to post that if anyone is interested in trading I'll be glad to do so. Just check my flickr link here, that will take you to the Art Trading Card set I have. You can message me on flickr or here!
I went to visit a cousin this weekend about 3 hours north of where I live. I took my son and we went with my parents. It was great to see everyone and catch up on how family is doing. I was delighted to find out that my cousin's two older girls are so creative. The two of them are artists and very talented! The older girl paints in an expressiontist type of style and the younger girl likes making manga art. It was great to talk art with them.
Heather's art
On our way back home we stopped in at a local market called Adams. They had the most amazing garden center. I am so used to the badly kept HomeDepot center near my house I was taken aback by how beautiful and healthy their plants looked. The most fun was checking out the different poinsettias they have. I have to draw a few in the coming days. I have sort of relaxed abit after going full steam in November.


I am a little late with my 'Take Care' post too. I have to say I had a "Take Care" moment while visiting my family. It dawned on me while I was there that I need to put more priority on keeping in touch with family. They are my link to the past and its so important to tap into that every once in awhile. I had lived in another state for almost 7 years and I have been back for 2 years. And I realized that it had been about 10 years since I had seen my cousin Nancy. We always keep in touch by writing, emailing and calling. However getting to see her was so wonderful and why deprive myself of that? I don't do it intentionally but I find I do it alot. I put off seeing friends, family, because I am 'too busy'. So thank you Lynn for hosting this December linky and allowing me the ability to actually reflect upon this.

Little Jenny

Joe goofing around

My Aunt's handiwork - here is some of her beautiful cross-stitchery
Happy Sunday and have a good week everyone!
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Ann said...

Your art cards are wonderful! I especially like the landscape with the swirly sky!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

your art cards are wonderful and I love that little landscape one at the top... sounds like you had a great visit with family and isn't it lovely when art runs through lives... it immediately brings you together and the photos were great... moustache coffee cup perfect... as to the poinsettias... our street is full of them at the moment and is a riot of reds and oranges... just amazing to see...xx

We Three 3 said...

Thanks Ann, I appreciate your compliment! If you ever want to trade let me know. Thank you for stopping by.

We Three 3 said...

Tracey, thank you for your comments and yes, i agree that its so lovely when art runs through lives and families:) I am envious of your poinsettia lined streets in your part of the world! We used to see the same when we lived in Florida for a bit. I am always amazed by the variety!

Lorinda said...

Beautiful art cards!! Though I've bought some to try out I haven't really done so yet...they seem too small for a 'real' piece of art. Obviously I have been greatly mistaken! ;-)

We Three 3 said...

Lorinda, if you make any I'll be happy to trade:)!

pauline said...

Fran, what gorgeous art cards!!! Those watercolours are amazing... i love the blue ocean one. Sounds like you've been a busy gal. I'm new to so many things... had never heard of ATCs or ACEOs, so you taught me something today. :-)
thanks for posting!

Gwen said...

Your ATCs are so pretty, I love florals. I don't generally make them but if you may have just encouraged me to start.