Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More White On White...and then some!

Here are some photos of things I am trying out. I went to our ATM Collective meeting on Monday and there are a few more spots available for our White on White show next week. We have alot of work already but there is alot of wall space:) I am trying out another paper collage. I want to go bigger. I am so used to working at 4x6 or 5x7 sizes that when do something about 11x14 I think I am going really large (LOL) and, nope, I'm not! I gotta break free and go BIG! So I tried to fold some paper and cut some squiggly background. I am not certain this is what I will end up with but I am having fun!

on a white background

other shapes

 While looking through recent photos I realize that I have a bit of an affinity for white these days. Must be on the brain due to the show. Here are a few that I pulled up when I was picking out the others above!
Red Velvet cupcakes

Flowers at Adams

Frosty ;D

white tree, that I like and hate simultaneously

the endless cup o' joe

Are you finding that you are drawn to one color lately , or maybe more often than that?
I was reading a favorite blog the other day and she posted all about red. That's what inspired me with posting my white photos, thanks Carol! :)
Thanks for stopping by!
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pauline said...

Fran, i so love this white on white... and where did you get the idea to cut paper? Looks fabulous... very creative indeed. i laughed at your comment about "going big" with 11 x17. LOL...

btw, i can so relate to using that white card insert from your grandmothers' pantyhose to draw!! How special is that?! You'll probably treasure that memory forever.

Thanks for stopping by my blog... i feel so grateful to have found so many supportive souls out there. xoxo

Gwen said...

Yes, do go for BIG, it will really stretch you. What you have done is really cool!
I think white is so apt for this time of year too and white has such 'presence' I always think.
Lovely work!

We Three 3 said...

Hi Pauline, Yes I will always treasure that memory!
I love stopping by your blog. I got alot of comments on my blog when I did AEDM and was loving it! So much fun to meet everyone and got to their blogs to see what they're doing! I need to stay in the loop because I miss out on so much when I stop for a few days!

We Three 3 said...

Gwen- I know white is really perfect. I always think of it as being such a contemporary color too. Thanks for stopping over !

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I love all the white on white and those collages are looking amazing... hope you post lots of pics from the show so we can share in the fun... as to being drawn to a colour... in my case it is two and maybe it is because it is summer at the moment, but it is blue and oranges all the way for me at the moment... even just had a mango for breakfast and hunted out a cobalt blue plate so it would look amazing... maybe getting a touch obsessed...xx

We Three 3 said...

Oh no Tracey that's the fun of it! i have fun with color too! That is so funny because I do the same thing when I eat! I had broccoli on a red dish at dinner tonight! LOL. i love it!