Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paper Daze and White Lights

So I've put my brushes and pens down for a bit. Work is getting super busy now that the year is ending. Its hard to focus on being creative for long periods of time. Once upon a time I was a rabid scrapbooker and I am left with a huge box of papers and more ephemera to know what to do with. I can open a shop! I am seriously in love with paper and literally have to hold back when I see scrapbook paper or any other for that matter. I have been really pretty good these past few years with the paper hoarding..So during the holidays I try to make a few cards for people. I don't do everyone on my list but try to do ten or so.So I'm doing little things here and there. I take a quick 5 minute break and punch some snowflakes here, stamp and glitter reindeer there.  I broke down this past weekend and got this GREAT stamp and glitter kit at Michaels 50% off. So it worked out to be $10. A great deal right? Well then I discover shortly after that I won a scrapbooking basket at a church fair. It was an auction and I only put one ticket it! My scrapbook store grows!

My winning basket!
Once I've completed some  I'll post my cards here after I am done. I'll probably put some together tomorrow.
I did get one of my new ATCs in the mail. I swapped with jk bees and I love it!
thanks Janet!
I think the dots are terrific. They looks so great against the dark background, reminding me of lights. I saw lots of twinkling ones on my walk this evenig. My husband has been giving Einstein nightly walks for the past few weeks I do the mornings now...I took him for a walk tonight and it was cold but clear and beautiful. Everyone has their decorations up and on:) This time of year is so nice....


they're waiting:)
Good night!
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rajns (carolyn) said...

Congrats on winning the basket of goodies- Oh, I have way too much scrapbook paper too but I get very excited when I find new ones I love. Great idea to use it with punches for cards!

We Three 3 said...

Thanks Carolyn. I figure I can alway take up the scrapping again when I retire, haha! Thank you for your comments and good to know that I am in good company:)

Janet said...

I never met a paper I didn't like! My studio is being taken over by too much paper so I really applaud you for not buying any for such a long time.

Glad you like the ATC. I haven't done any for quite awhile and then all at once got the bug to do them again. I love the one I got from you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your finished cards! From what you've shown here, they will be wonderful!