Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scrapping Sunday

I was able to get some Christmas cards done this weekend:)

I worked on the pieces this week in between the raindrops so that made it so easy to assemble and add the extra touches this weekend.

The sparkles have been a challenge and I learned the hard way that I have to spray a fixative on them RIGHT AWAY. 

 Because handling them to chalk and glue leaves you open to messing them up! I use some lovely ribbon I got in a recent swap and, of course, used paper from my stash:)

 I have a few more to make....will see what more I can fit into this day.

  I've got more to do into the evening! I have to make a gift for our Art(that matters) holiday party.I hope everyone has a very happy Sunday!

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Gwen said...

The cards are lovely, it's so good to receive a hand made one! There will be some happy friends and family:)

We Three 3 said...

Thanks Gwen! I love getting handmade cards too. But I think I like making them better. Its really true - its better to give than to receive:))

Lorinda said...

These are fantastic! I'm so impressed that each one is unique, now THAT is love!

We Three 3 said...

Thank you Lorinda:))

April Cole said...

These cards are beautiful!
You are very creative. Thank you for sharing your talents *hugs*

pauline said...

OMG Fran, you MADE THESE?!?
They're fabulous!! What dedication & love... :-) Maybe next year, i'll feel as creative & daring. Beautiful job!
Yeah, tis the season to be too busy for blogging, huh! Things have been crazy here for me lately - tomorrow should be better, so i plan on catching up with the blogs! i kinda miss the stability of AEDM. :-)
have a great week! xoxo

Lynn Richards said...

Sigh. So, so pretty. I haven't made Christmas cards in quite a while. Nor have I sent them. Last year they turned into New Year's cards!