Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Sunday

I've posted more ICADs on Flickr and I've got them below.

Leafy goodness
Was looking for inspiration and I asked my mom to give me a single word so I could illustrate it. This is her contribution.

Cherry tomatoes from my dad's garden

Random Flora
After a month and a half, I am really growing to love this small area of art to work in. I'm mostly using my colored Micron pens. I know that I wanted to use my acrylics more but the page is so small and flimsy. I've got all those acrylic paints and some small canvases, but I just don't have the time or the 'oomph!' to want to get set up and do it. Those darn micron pens make it so easy to just grab and doodle/draw/create. It's all good:)
happy Sunday

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Anonymous said...

Great ICADs, Fran--and I love that your mom gave you "bazinga" as a word to illustrate. Too funny :)

Natasha said...

Love the pen work. Stunning.

Rita said...

I love all the colors!!!
Your mom must be a Big Bang fan. I love that show!!
Have a great week. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Hey, those Microns are working great so stick with them. I am lovin' all your ICADs!! You could probably use them for canvas ideas at a later date? Wonderful work!

Dianne said...

I love your cards! Your style of pen work is so cool...and "bazinga" just made me giggle! great work!

April Cole said...

Very inspirational, Fran. :]
Great visual on the word "bazinga"... what fun!! ~xx

Karen Isaacson said...

I adore those tomatoes with their little cross-hatched shadows. and I'm so happy tomato season is finally upon us. must remember to stop at the farmer's market this week. yum.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Microns are seductive little buggers... and you use them so beautifully... so sorry I am late getting here for sunday sketches... bloody Phantom has been taking up way too much time... and we call her little sheldon as the similarities are beyond scary... so the bazinga is about right...xx

pauline said...

Fran, you are the QUEEN of doodling with micron pens (or markers). LOVE your style.
I'm catching up on blogs this weekend after a little vacation last week. It's so good to be back and see what you've all been up to. I honestly miss it when i'm away. Have yourself a great weekend! xoxo