Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Storm

OK so I have been out of my house since Wednesday. We had a huge storm here and our house lost power for more than 24 hours. I decided the morning after the storm that I would go to my mom and dad's so I can work since my computer was down for the count. What a crazy couple of days! My son and I are here during the week and its relatively quiet and low-key. My parent's is like Grand Central:) We managed to have a great time and I got most of my work done for the week despite all the excitement of having a full house!
ICAD -  Mom has a baker's rack that she displays seasonal decorations so brough them down to the table to draw.
My son was so pleased to get to hang with his cousin Eric. They are both 12 and enjoy the same interests. My 10 year old neice is a piece of work and brings alot of drama, creativity, energy and spunk to the scene. We were able to get alot of work done crafting and creating last night and I was able to spend time with my neice and her girlfriend, who came along.
 The bunch of us were sitting around the table drawing and crafting and we got on the topic of sisters. Reagan was talking about her little sister and how she isn't into drawing like she is and she dramatically ( you know the way 9 y.o girls can be) declared "She doesn't get art!" and that almost made me burst out laughing because she was so serious! I was grinning like a crazy woman but didn't laugh...what she said was so adamant and passionate it made me want to illustrate it:)

Dreaming of Paris:)

Paper lanterns
mom working on her creation

Emily showing off our lanterns

I can't believe the month is nearing to an end soon. I've gotten very much accustomed to drawing and creating on these cards! We're back home now and it feels good to be back in our element and looking forward to a relaxing Sunday! I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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April Cole said...

This is a fantastic post, very inspiring!
Love seeing the family "arting" together... well almost everyone ;]
Your ICAD cards are wonderful. Such talent, Fran.
Your illustrations are so beautiful, each card holds a story.
I really enjoyed my visit here today, thank you. ~xx

Creatively yours Fi said...

Looks like you all had some fun Fran! Love the lanterns :)) I know what it's like to appreciate home sweet home too :)

aimee said...

awesome lanterns! and love the lettering as always!

Janet said...

That summer storm sure did bring a lot of creativity with it! Love the "She doesn't get art" story and card. And the paper lanterns are so cute. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and got a lot of art done.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

You did well not to laugh at not getting art... 9 year old girls are a species all of their own... it does look as though you are having fun and hope all storms steer clear of you for the rest of the summer...xx

Serena Lewis said...

What a fun post...not so much about your house losing power tho. How lovely to spend time creating with 9 year olds!! Love the way your illustrated Reagan's comment. OH, paper lanterns were a childhood favourite of mine...lovely work to all!! Btw, I love the first art image with the tulips.

Have a lovely week,
Serena xo

pauline said...

oh Fran, no power for more than 2 hours sucks. :-) Sounds like you certainly made the best of it... LOVE that you made art with family. How great is that?! And that quote you have there... "she doesn't get art" - could so be a poster. Your lettering is fantastic! Your mother working on that lantern piece is great... treasured moments. xox

Carolyn Dube said...

Sounds like the power going out created a joyous time for you! How awesome to be able to share your creative time with such an entertaining family!