Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stamp Saturday

My mom and I spent time on Saturday making some stamps. A Flickr friend had mentioned I should try to create some stamps as comment on a drawing I I thought I would give it a try.
Mom had been doing some carving on her own prior and introduced me to the dollar store eraser. They work great and carving them is wonderful!

I also brought along a carving block I bought online ($). I cut the gingko-type leaf with that one. The blue/white ones are the eraser. I made  few more but will post those another day as I didn't take photos of them. I did take some photos of Mom's:
Barb at work

colored erasers

When we got back from my parents, my son and I were greeted by this beauty -

This plant sits right along the stone wall that our driveway runs against.
 Its just amazing, the flowers are as big as lunch plates!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Tracey Fletcher King said...

Love love love the stamps... but... as a former high school art teacher I completely freaked out at the pic of your mum carving... I swear to you every single year I had a year 9 boy stab himself in the hand while carving... never a girl mind... and always in year 9... but my heart skipped a beat for a moment when I saw this... may need some chocolate to calm the nerves I think... love the end result by the way...xx

Frances Traina said...

Oh! is she cutting it wrong? That is what I do too...?

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

These are wonderful Fran! You've inspired me get back at it. A girl can never have too many stamps... xx

April Cole said...

Hip, hip... hooray!
Carving stamps are so much fun and can become addictive too. :]
Enjoy... love seeing your stamps, very inspiring. ~xx

Lynn Richards said...

dollar store erasers... who knew??? thinking i need to try this one!

Carolyn Dube said...

You have such great carvings here! What a great way to spend a Saturday- art and family!

Janet said...

I love your stamps! There's something so soothing about carving into a block of rubber. I've used dollar store erasers many times. You can't beat the price!

pauline said...

Well Fran, that's it. You've inspired me to take a trip to the dollar store to buy some erasers and try this stamping thing. These are lovely!! I've never tried it. I think it's wonderful that you share this time with your mom...especially if you both enjoy it. Tell your mom her stamps look great! xox