Thursday, April 14, 2011

My New Sketch Book

I have a new sketch book. Its made by Patricia from RedBow. I got it because I am almost done with the sketch book I made at Jen's workshop! I can't resist the paper and the Arches text laid is my favorite to paint on! Here are some sketches.

Joe is drawing too. He said along with post-it sculptures, he likes to doodle during class...hmm..wonder who he takes after...LOL!I love him so much:)
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painted fish studio said...

love what you've done with your sketchbook! hi from Amsterdam! :)

We Three 3 said...

HI Jen! I hope you are having an AMAZing time:) I love it there!

We Three 3 said...

Jen, thanks for saying you like my sketchbook :)